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Welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy official website! If you have visited our website, you’re definitely in search of high-quality medications, and luckily, you have come to the right place. We always strive to do our best and provide the most professional services so that all our customers receive the information they need and can choose the drugs that will improve their lives.
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Introducing My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy – a Leading Service in the Health Industry

1-introducing-my-canadian-pharmacyMy Canadian Pharmacy is an online pharmaceutical service that is focused on providing the customers with generic medications of the highest quality. By choosing to deliver generic medications we’re able to offer the drugs at the most affordable pricing without compromising their effectiveness or safety, which are undoubtedly essential factors when it comes to your health. All the drugs represented on the website are carefully selected from trustworthy pharmacies of the country, so you can always be confident that no matter what you order, the quality is impeccable. If you’re unfamiliar with generic drugs, you should know that they are the ones produced by other pharmaceutical companies after the expiration of the patent while following the same list of ingredients and safety regulations. Generic drugs give you a chance to save money because you don’t overpay for a well-known brand name that is the reason the drugs you see in the drugstores are so expensive most of the time.

The team of professionals at My Canadian Pharmacy is always ready to consult you if you get any questions concerning the drugs and how you should consume them. Our customer support group consists of medical professionals, and we are constantly working on improving our knowledge and learning about new drugs that appear on the market. We offer you a wide range of medications, so you’re more than likely to find everything you need at our website, including erectile dysfunction drugs, antidepressants, antibiotics, antidiabetics, pain relievers, and many others. A user-friendly website that includes information about every drug will help you make a right choice in a stress-free environment of your own room 24/7. If you are used to purchasing your drugs from offline pharmacies, you will undoubtedly notice how ordering medications online will make the entire experience a lot more pleasant. You can forget about standing in line and being overwhelmed by the number of options that you know nothing about.

My Canadian Pharmacy Advantages

Professional Services and Low Prices

medsHigh-quality, affordable drugs are not the only factor to consider when ordering the medications. Here at My Canadian Pharmacy, we believe that only a combination of excellent services and drugs can bring the results. Here are some of the advantages of ordering your medications with the help of our online pharmaceutical service:

  • Regardless of where you live in the world, you can get the drugs thanks to international shipping
  • You get a chance to save even more money because we offer frequent discounts and bonus pills to our regular and new customers
  • You can always expect timely delivery of your medications because we realize that drugs are not the products that you can wait for
  • Any personal information that you provide us with remains confidential thanks to a reliable encryption system on our website
  • All the consultations with our medical specialists are anonymous because we understand that you may not want to discuss your health issues in person
  • You can become more knowledgeable about your health problem by reading a variety of articles on your website
  • You have a chance to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we offer any excellent discounts

Such considerate approach to our services has earned us a reputation of one of the most reliable pharmacies online. Thousands of people from different countries visit our website to order the drugs, and we’re always more than happy to welcome new customers. We are sure that once you order the drugs with the help of our service, you won’t ever want to return to shopping offline.’-Words-79x52.jpg

My Canadian Pharmacy In Customers’ Words

My Canadian Pharmacy Reviews By Real Customers

3-customers-wordsBradley H, 41 years old:

I have to take my drugs almost every day, and before I switched to generics it was definitely a disaster. I couldn’t believe how much I was spending on drugs, so finding your website was a blessing. I have been a regular customer for quite a while, and I can safely say that you’re professionals who know what they are doing, and I like that I can always contact your team and get all the answers I need.

Alan V., 56 years old:

When I was diagnosed with ED, I started searching for cheaper drugs straight away. That’s when I stumbled upon your website, and I don’t regret it. I really enjoy ordering drugs online because I don’t have to buy them from the actual store near my house where I can see my neighbors or friends. My drugs always arrive on time and overall the services are great!

Edward B., 47 years old:

I’m happy that I found your website because I was tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money for my drugs. At first, I was quite suspicious because I never ordered drugs online, but you were more than helpful, and I always get the drugs at the stated time without any delays. I will definitely recommend your website to my friends.

Mike T., 42 years old:

Before discovering generics, I used to buy brand drugs for many years. I can say from my personal experience that there is no difference between these drugs, and I’m glad that I can save so much money. Also, you guys are always generous with your bonuses and discounts, which is something I really appreciate. Thank you for your work, you’re real professionals!

George S., 42 years old:

When I was diagnosed with ED, it was quite a shock to me… Not only because of the actual condition but because I would have to rely on expensive drugs. Luckily, I found your website and decided to order Viagra. Before ordering, I had a consultation with your team member, which was insightful and helped me understand why the drugs you offer are so much cheaper. I will continue buying drugs using your service because I see great results.

Erectile Dysfunction Expertise

Choose My Canada Pharmacy to Deal with Your Men’s Health Issues

4_1-erectile-dysfunction-expertiseThe focus of our pharmaceutical service has always been on lifestyle medications, and, in particular, men’s health. A lot of men have a tendency to tough it out and not visit medical specialists when they notice the symptoms of certain health issues. When it comes to male sexual health, one of the most common problems, especially among people over 40 years old, is erectile dysfunction. At the same time, there a lot of younger men these days that suffer from ED because of the modern lifestyle with its lack of physical activity and imbalanced diet. We’re convinced that this condition should never be ignored, which is why we provide men with a broad selection of ED drugs so that everyone can find something that works. Generic ED drugs that you can order from our pharmacy service come from reliable producers and are absolutely equivalent in their qualities to more expensive pills that are sold under brand names.

Erectile Dysfunction – a Common Problem in the 21st Century

Erectile dysfunction is a condition characterized by the inability to either maintain firm erections for the duration of sexual activities or even achieve an erection at all. This health problem in most cases develops gradually and can be caused by a large number of diseases, including diabetes, clogged blood vessels, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc. A physical examination and blood tests are performed to determine the exact cause or several causes of ED. Unfortunately, ED is one of those health issues that a lot of men don’t want to discuss not only with their partners but also with medical specialists. But, if you suffer from this sexual dysfunction, you should start your treatment without hesitation if you want to enjoy your intimate life for years to come. A proper health checkup also ensures that you don’t suffer from conditions that are among contraindications to consuming ED drugs, and you don’t take the drugs that can interact with medications that induce erections.

At our pharmacy, we believe that paying attention to your sexual health should always be among your priorities because suffering from sexual dysfunction can affect both your physical and emotional well-being. Not being able to satisfy a partner can have an adverse impact on your self-esteem and make you feel nervous and anxious every time you try to engage in sexual intercourse. Naturally, when such emotions overcome you, it becomes nearly impossible to relax and enjoy the process, which makes it even more difficult to achieve an erection. At our website, you can find the medications that will help you overcome ED so that you can enjoy your sexual life to the fullest.

Generic ED Drugs in Canada Online Finder

Generic ED Drugs: What Makes Them Safe And Cheap

Generic ED DrugsGeneric, or non-proprietary drugs, have been around since the expiration date of the first medicament patent ever. This is to say that generic drugs are as common as their brand equivalents. Generic drugs are medically interchangeable drugs with the same function, quality and safety as an original drug. A generic drug can be sold at a lower price because the production does not have any costs for research and development. In some countries it is regulated by legislation that cheaper substitutes (generics) should be predominantly dispersed through drugstores. It is roughly estimated that switching to generic drugs yields savings of 8 billion per year.

Generic drugs are equivalent to original medicines. Generics have the same effect (neither better nor worse) but go under a different name and come from a different supplier. Responsible authorities approve generics by studies showing that the drug is medically equivalent and features the same security as the original drug. A generic drug may be introduced to the pharmaceutical market consumers only after the patent for the original drug has expired. The generic name is the official designation for the active substance – the active substance – as part of the drug. Generic names are established by the World Health Organization; in case of generic Viagra it is, for instance, sildenafil, the name of its active ingredient.

All drugs have an active substance. Each unique active ingredient has its own name called “generic name”. This name is the same all over the world and can not be owned by any company. Generic drugs are called differently than the original drug. There are two ways to name the drug. Either the company can make use of the substance name and adds the company’s name to it. This designation is also called substance generic or unbranded generics. Or the company might use a fancy name / invented brand names (also called generics or branded generics) that use the same principle as the original drug companies. For instance, the original name by inventor company is Zocord, with the active ingredient simvastatin. Many generic companies have the same product but the name is then “Simvastatin + company name”.

The active substance is the active substance in medicine as a cure, it prevents or alleviates the illness diagnosed. In exceptional cases, it may be more than one active substance in a pharmaceutical product. Other substances in medicine is usually called excipients, and has no effect. The name of the generic substance is an official designation for the active substance of the medicinal product.

Generic Viagra: Canadian Pharmacy Hit

Generic Viagra, the Signature Product at Canadian Pharmacy Online

6-genericThe name of this legendary medication is known to the patients from all across the world. After the development of this drug, the world of ED treatment has never been the same. This medication that is based on the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is prescribed to the patients that are unable to achieve erections due to some blood flow disturbances. For instance, it’s difficult for blood to flow through clogged blood vessels because they become narrowed. In such situations, Viagra increases the supply of blood, and therefore, men can achieve erections that are firm and prolonged.

Generic Viagra that you can order from our website coincides in its qualities with its brand-name counterpart because it features the same ingredients. In such a way, you have to consume this generic drug according to the same instructions. Generic Viagra has to be consumed at least 30 minutes to an hour before you experience sexual stimulation because it takes some time for the drug to release in your body. After the drug is fully absorbed, you are able to enjoy its effects for 4 hours. You should be careful and never take more than one tablet in a 24-hour period because overdosing may cause adverse effects.

Besides traditional Viagra that features a standard dosage of Sildenafil Citrate, you can choose several variations of this medication, such as:

viproViagra Professional. This efficient Viagra alternative is based on 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate, thus being more potent in comparison to the standard medication. The drug is usually prescribed to the patients that didn’t receive the desired effect after consuming lower dosages. Viagra Professional starts working after approximately 30 minutes of its consumption and delivers the effect for 4 hours.

visactViagra Super Active. There are situations when you want to experience more long-lasting effect, and Viagra Super Active can help you achieve it. While standard Viagra is effective for 4 hours, this ED medication allows you to get erections over the period of 9 hours. This drug is just what you need if you’re unsure when you will engage in sexual activities, and you want to feel freer in your actions.

visupforceViagra Super Force. While previously mentioned drugs differ in their dosages of Sildenafil Citrate, this ED drug includes a second active ingredient for the most intense results. This additional active ingredient called Dapoxetine falls into the category of SSRIs and is known for improving the symptoms of premature ejaculation. In such a way, when you take Viagra Super Force you deal with not one, but two health issues!

It should be noted that all the mentioned drugs are not aphrodisiacs, which means that they don’t directly affect your libido and increase you desire. The medications start working when you are naturally sexually stimulated and aroused. At the same time, the improvement of the sexual function will definitely make you feel more comfortable, and thus more likely to want to be more sexually active and ready to enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

Quality Viagra Online From Canada

Buy Generic Viagra Online Risk-Free

7-quality-viagraCaution should be paid when you buy drugs online. It is also highly unsafe to practice self-administration of any synthetic (as well as herbal, at some points) pharmaceuticals without having consulted a healthcare provider. This is all yesterday’s news and we do not claim to cite any eye-opener here, but there is still things Canadian Pharmacy staffers would like to contribute along the lines of making things safer for Internet users.

Generics, like other drugs and like the rest of goods that can be sold and bought, can be the real deal and they also can be counterfeit. Learning how to tell them apart before you buy Viagra online and start using a fake product to your disappointment in each and every generic drug and e-tailer is a key to profound customer’s satisfaction. The good news is that this is no rocket science, and subpar pharmacies can be spotted from afar, so steering clear of them should not be a great problem. And once you know the signs to tell a good pharmacy by, you will save both on drives to the local pharmacy store and Viagra price. So here’s some indispensable advice our experts would like to dole out:

  • When you buy Viagra online, make a point of checking vendor credentials, such as street address and telephone number. Bounce of e-pharmacies that do not provide coherent contact details.
  • Check if your privacy is protected; look for a padlock symbol on the page or https:// in address bar of your browser. Also read Privacy Terms and Returns Policy. Reputable online pharmacies warrant quality by reimbursement and money-back guarantees.
  • See if the site has a long history. Do not neglect reviews by your peer shoppers. Do not expect to see nothing but happy customer chirrup. Remember that statistically, it’s mostly the sore folk with a grudge that posts online, but general buzz should be in favor of the drugstore. Also see if the staffers are eager to help customers solve the problems that might arise.
  • Do not fall for too low a price. Generic Viagra cost starts from $0.77 per pill in bigger blisters; you can bag a better offer as a part of brand loyalty program or a discount, but anything much below that should blow an alarm whistle.
  • As a general advice, practice common sense while you mail-order generic Viagra, and stay with a tried-and-true supplier. Resort to Online Pharmacy Services for any help associated with ED shopping online. We have a range of services that can be used for buying Viagra in Canada safely and cheaply.

Generic Cialis & Levitra: Best Viagra Alternatives

Generic Cialis at My Canadian Pharmacy: Our Expert Assistance

8-cialis-levitraWhen it comes to the treatment of ED, generic Viagra is not the only option on the market. There is one drug that has become famous among the patients thanks to its outstanding effect and its name is Cialis. This medication that works with the help of Tadalafil belongs to PDE5 inhibitors just like Viagra. However, as opposed to generic Viagra that is effective for 4 hours, generic Cialis allows you to enjoy sexual activities without taking another pill for 36 hours! Such prolonged effect of the drug is the reason it’s often called “the weekend pill.” It’s certainly the drug that you need if you plan on spending the entire weekend with your partner, and you want to enjoy your time together without thinking about the pills. The medication should also be consumed with plenty of water about 30 minutes before intercourse.

In addition to the long-lasting influence, the drug doesn’t lose its effectiveness even if you eat fatty foods or drink a moderate amount of alcohol. Consuming Cialis gives you a lot more freedom because you don’t have to find a special time gap to enjoy intimacy. You can be sexually stimulated at any point during the day and know that your body will respond in a way that you expect.

Select Generic Levitra to Overcome Your Sexual Dysfunction

Every person reacts to drugs in different ways due to individual sensitivity to the components or other health issues in the body. We believe that offering a broad range of ED medications allows you to find the drug that will be suitable for you. Besides Cialis and Viagra, you can also purchase generic Levitra. This ED drug should also be taken 30 minutes to an hour before sex and with the help of its active ingredient Vardenafil, it delivers a 5-hour effect. During these 5 hours, you can be stimulated more than once and achieve an erection every time.

Your Health Above All

Experience Online Pharmacy Care And Affordability

9-your-healthMy Canadian Pharmacy is an informational healthcare service customers trust. This speaks for itself, for as they say, the proof of pudding is in eating. We research the Internet looking for the best offers for both popular and rare drugs, and then we bring you crème de la crème of Viagra best online offers at prices that are honest and affordable. In letting us assist you with your pharmacy shopping needs you get an all-rolled-in-one bundle of tools to help you stay healthier with more ease:

  • Information about drugs, online drug reviews, drug price runner, etc.;
  • Database of health-related publications;
  • Access to M.D.s consulting online;
  • Access to checked, tried-and-true online pharmacies of Canada;
  • Loyalty gifts such as popular drug discount coupons (Viagra codes, inter alia);
  • Free shipping and shipping insurance for bigger orders;
  • Bonus Viagra / Cialis pills with every order;
  • Scores of Viagra offers, value packages, ED packs, etc., shoppable online from anywhere;
  • Highest level of personal security and health protection;
  • Trackable deliveries and automatic refills service;
  • Newsletters containing hottest offers for registered subscribers;
  • Customer assistance answering readily every query;
  • 100% anti-spam protection.

Let us take the guesswork out of your daily shopping. Make informed choices, get fast deliveries, pay less and enjoy more with My Canadian Pharmacy – your trusted assistant!

Thank you!

My Canadian Pharmacy rocks! I’ve managed to save $600 in just 2 months and saw no difference with the branded therapy – my doctor says the results are getting better and he doesn’t know I’m using generic pills. I’m having a complex therapy after a heart attack, which costs me a few hundred dollars on a weekly basis. Well, at this platform the drugs I use cost 4-6 times cheaper than at my local pharmacy. With no side effects or any aggravated adverse reactions I’m planning to finish the recovery with generics and strongly recommend all those looking for cheap drugs give it a try.

Daniel J.

Great Quality!

The quality raises no questions, but customer service replies were quite slow. I couldn’t figure out the difference between the sildenafil citrate drug and was looking to get a quick advice, which was not there unfortunately. As for the delivery, it was acceptable – it took them 6 business days to get the package delivered to my door.  All in all, My Canada Pharmacy online leaves mixed impressions, so hopefully they will fix the mentioned above issues and improve their service.

Mickel Ions

Fully safe and effective meds

Being rather credulous I left a real phone number on the website. That time I didn’t order anything, though I was literally made to do it in a couple of days. After constant calls, advertisements and messages with links to My Canadian Pharmacy, I ordered the necessary treatment. To my surprise and astonishment, it was of high quality, fully safe and effective. So, actually I do not know whether to recommend this online pharmacy or not, but I am a return client there.

Bob Rigal

Good support!

Have you ever faced the situation when you do not know what to do? I have, thanks to MCPpro. It happened a month ago, when I ordered a trial pack of ED drugs that included generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. I paid for it and nothing seemed to be strange, though when I opened the package, I saw a usual antibiotic there. Indignation was my first reaction, as I could not even think of the way to deal with the problem. However, when I contacted the representative of the customer support team, I realized that everything was not that bad. I just had to send these medications back and receive my order.

Tony A.

Great assortment

Incredible choice of preparations in My Canada Pharmacy impressed me. Due to the serious health problems I have, it’s rather difficult to find an appropriate solution for my impotence issue. However, with a great assortment available at the pharmacy and professional representatives of customer support team it was not complicated. As a result I got an effective ED treatment that was safe for my health condition and produced a desirable effect.

My Canadian Pharmacy Publications

1. Female Viagra Was Approved in Canada The Ministry of Health of Canada approved Viagra for women. So, this drug is informally called the pill Addyi, the world’s first medicinal product, intended for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Some critics, however, say that these pills do not have a significant advantage compared to placebo. This drug was studied by the Canadian Ministry of Health for more than two years before approving it. And in Canada, restrictions on the use of...

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What Is the Difference between Generic Cialis from the Brand? Every man can face the problems connected with potency. And there are many reasons for their occurrence, such as wrong lifestyle, bad habits, various diseases, etc. It goes without saying that this problem is delicate, so you do not want to talk about it. It is proven that most men are embarrassed even to seek help from a doctor unwilling to tell anyone about his problems. As for expensive drugs that can cope with this ailment, such as...

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You can finally get Viagra in the United Kingdom. Pfizer hopes that soon it will be available in Europe as well. You won’t need a prescription. Licensed sales of Viagra are destined to support the local healthcare system. This way the potential European buyers will be safe from counterfeit drugs for erectile dysfunction. Brand Viagra, Generic Viagra & Viagra Connect All these ED medications have the same active ingredient in the base – Sildenafil. However, there are differences you...

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While generic Viagra is legally available in practically every country of the world including Canada, China, and the European Union, it is impossible to get in the USA. How does this happen? It all roots from the American legislation which does not allow generic medications to enter their market without an approval from FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA). But for unknown reasons, this authority body practically never approves generic formulations of famous drugs; maybe, they just want...

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We bet that when a certain laboratory over in the U.S. was toiling away working on a new formula for a lung condition, they could not in their wildest dreams see the way their creation as the world’s to the year 1998 when sildenafil, the principal component of Viagra was developed, its restorative properties discovered only as a benevolent side effect. Viagra helps to achieve erection in men with compromised erectile ability. Erections achieved with the help of Viagra are hard, lasting and can...

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The success of Viagra is undeniable. Sildenafil Citrate, the main ingredient in Viagra, has been a very efficient medication for ED cases for many years now. It is a very good drug that does not require any specific preparations and needs you to follow the instructions closely in order to achieve spectacular results. Over 80% of men report notable significant improvements to their conditions and feel completely satisfied with the medication. Despite its very apparent mechanism of action and very...

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The most popular with men are synthetic tablets 1. Viagra This is an effective agent for the treatment of impotency. It takes impact within a few minutes after the intake. The effect is achieved due to sildenafil that causes vasodilation and blood flow. The maximum daily dose is one tablet. When combined with alcohol, there may be a decrease in efficacy. Viagra was the first drug created to boost potency. Today many analogues with the same composition are known. 2. Cialis As opposed to Viagra...

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For men dealing with erectile dysfunction, there are numerous treatments available on today’s pharmaceutical market. What treatment comes first in mind when we are discussing ED? Viagra, of course! Why is that? Viagra was the first. The groundbreaking pill emerged in the late 1980s and trod the path for a new, ever-expanding field of available treatments for impotence across the globe...

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