My Canadian Pharmacy: Online Service That Equals Reliability

There is no news in saying that enlisting the support of a reliable pharmacy will have you covered on quality drugs at optimal prices. But there are several nuances to finding a drugstore, especially a virtual one, that you can trust without reserve. On the home page of one of Canada’s most reliable online pharmacy services, we will have a closer look at all of them, step by step.

We Are The Most Trusted Online Drugstore

Right now, you find yourself on the main page of an online service whose history goes back to the early aughts. Before that time, our pharmacy used to be an actual brick-and-stone pharmacy in a cozy neighborhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba. But the world has moved on since that time, and so did technological progress. At one point in time, we found ourselves dealing with customer demands we could no longer meet anywhere else but from a virtual pharmacy, and this was a true pivot point in our history.

Top 9 Advantages: Why Choose Us

Making your pharmacy experience simple is what really matters to us. Providing you with high-quality medications is what we are focused on. Allowing you to save considerably on medical expenses is our top priority. We are the first service that cares about your well-being, not on our own profits! The source of high-grade prescription medications and approved generic products, our online drugstore is dedicated to satisfying your most specific pharmaceutical needs and wants. There is hardly another Internet drug shop that can compare to us in terms of a wealth of a medication range.

  • Healthcare products from Canada are the best money can buy, but we pride ourselves in being the best of the best. And this is how we make it happen:
  • Deals exclusively with the most reputable drug manufacturers;
  • We find the best deals for popular drugs from all around the Internet and sift through them, finding the highest quality pills;
  • At our pharmacy, you will invariably find an essentially large and elaborately arranged list of products;
  • Placing an order through our system, you fool-prove yourself from any miscue during pharmacy shopping: we guarantee your safety of purchase!
  • Our service is repeatedly voted as the safest and the most economical by customers internationally, which is proven by hundreds of return customers;
  • We retain our loyal customers by offering them generous discounts, coupons, sale prices and seasonal clearances;
  • Every customer, new or return, avails of 4 bonus pills – a compliment not conditioned by the amount spent;
  • Free shipping and insurance perks have become proverbial.

Best Drugs Online: Cheaper Generics, Better Deals

At our platform, we live for bringing together offers that fit your needs to a T. Once you land on our products page, you will have no need to bounce off in search of something else that is on your shopping list: we can fill your prescription better than the majority of pharmacy chains in your city, let alone e-drugstores. Our main focus in on men’s health drugs, and of those you will find a crazy assortment, but there are other categories: Pain Relief, Antibiotics, Women’s Health, Antidepressants, Anxiety/Sleep Aid, Blood Pressure/Heart, Cholesterol, Anti-allergic/Asthma, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Eye Care, Stomach.

Today, is inevitably associated with cheaply priced but high quality generic drugs that are shipped in every part of the world, but are also a great hit within the country and its closest neighbor, the U.S. So what are generics? In technical terms, generic drug is a the substance that is widely known and aggressively marketed under the brand name of the developer company, but produced by a non-developer under its generic name – or any other non-copyright name for that matter. The key point is that the substance of the brand and generic drug is essentially the same. Generics are priced 1/10th of the brand drug cost, all subject to the complicated hierarchy of pharmaceutical products drawn to developing, testing, patenting and marketing costs.

Safe & Secure Ordering with Our Pharmacy

A part of our working with customers is dealing with their sensitive information that is used in our future reference to their profiles, orders and history. This entails collecting, processing and storing customer data. We have cutting-edge protocols in place that ensure safety of every bit of information that you share with us, be it your personal or payment details.

In the context of web communications, encryption becomes increasingly important. Along the various backbones they travel more and more often with relevant data and confidential information: from personal to banking information, by accessing credentials to various web services and more. Among the most widely used methods to encrypt and thus protect this data are the SSL / TLS protocol and the OpenSSL protocol. Born from the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ashes, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption protocol used in the Web to protect communications and information exchange between two network nodes (usually between clients and servers). The protection is entrusted to the use of asymmetric cryptographic certificates, such as X.509, and symmetric session key exchange.

My Canadian Pharmacy and You

What we have been trying to make show since the very first word of introduction is that our pharmacy is a place where your interests come first. Whether it is the thoughtful choice of products that reflect our firm belief in highest quality for better prices, or individual approach to making offers – we are always one step ahead of competition.

There is, however, more to our ambition than the material side of pharmacy business, and it is spreading healthcare awareness among our subscribers. We ask you to exercise discretion every time you shop for drugs online, choosing your providers with utmost care, and never self-administering drugs. Our website teems with materials on every health condition that there is, as well as detailed instructions for the use of drugs we offer, but they are solely there for the purpose of educating and quick reference. They do not and cannot substitute an appointment with a licensed healthcare provider.

We also encourage you to subscribe to our informative newsletters as well as following us on Facebook and Twitter for your daily share of health-related news. Just a couple of minutes spent reading tips on how to improve your health by subtle changes in your lifestyle can improve your life quality and even add up several years of living – let alone save you thousands of dollars spent for avoidable health expenses. Let us help you get there!

Thank you!

This pharmacy rocks! I’ve managed to save $600 in just 2 months and saw no difference with the branded therapy – my doctor says the results are getting better and he doesn’t know I’m using generic pills. I’m having a complex therapy after a heart attack, which costs me a few hundred dollars on a weekly basis. Well, at this platform the drugs I use cost 4-6 times cheaper than at my local pharmacy. With no side effects or any aggravated adverse reactions I’m planning to finish the recovery with generics and strongly recommend all those looking for cheap drugs give it a try.

Daniel J.

Great Quality!

The quality raises no questions, but customer service replies were quite slow. I couldn’t figure out the difference between the sildenafil citrate drug and was looking to get a quick advice, which was not there unfortunately. As for the delivery, it was acceptable – it took them 6 business days to get the package delivered to my door.  All in all, this online pharmacy leaves mixed impressions, so hopefully they will fix the mentioned above issues and improve their service.

Mickel Ions

Fully safe and effective meds

Being rather credulous I left a real phone number on the website. That time I didn’t order anything, though I was literally made to do it in a couple of days. After constant calls, advertisements and messages with links to this online pharmacy, I ordered the necessary treatment. To my surprise and astonishment, it was of high quality, fully safe and effective. So, actually I do not know whether to recommend this online pharmacy or not, but I am a return client there.

Bob Rigal

Good support!

Have you ever faced the situation when you do not know what to do? I have, thanks to MCP. It happened a month ago, when I ordered a trial pack of ED drugs that included generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. I paid for it and nothing seemed to be strange, though when I opened the package, I saw a usual antibiotic there. Indignation was my first reaction, as I could not even think of the way to deal with the problem. However, when I contacted the representative of the customer support team, I realized that everything was not that bad. I just had to send these medications back and receive my order.

Tony A.

Great assortment

Incredible choice of preparations in this pharmacy impressed me. Due to the serious health problems I have, it’s rather difficult to find an appropriate solution for my impotence issue. However, with a great assortment available at the pharmacy and professional representatives of customer support team it was not complicated. As a result I got an effective ED treatment that was safe for my health condition and produced a desirable effect.

My Canadian Pharmacy Publications

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