My Canadian Pharmacy: Online Service That Equals Reliability

My Canadian pharmacy may seem at first like another online service offering to buy medical products via the Internet. But the team behind this vast community of loyal users will assure that the main mission of the service is to help people who have problems with buying medications all over the world. Affordability, quality and community – are 3 main aspects that create an unprecedented service called MCP. They know how to help people professionally!

What makes it different?

Welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP) – a place where people with different health issues can get a professional and free medical consultation without a necessity to leave a house!

The service specializes in promoting profitable deals of branded and generic medications along with cosmetic medical products. This may be one of the best services for saving money on monthly refills when it comes to prescription drugs.

How to get the best offers with My Canadian Pharmacy?

It's pretty simple, each drug has the main active ingredient, usually as an international non-proprietary name of the drug, like Sildenafil and Viagra are basically the same medication offered under different titles. Use search through the detailed catalogue of our pharmacy or consult an expert via the hotline to find out about all available generics and other pills at this moment.

Another clever way to save money on generics is to select packages with high content since 90% of the manufacturer intentionally sets the price per package with more units in a percentage lower than if you buy two packages with fewer units. But if you go and buy any medication from MCP you can save up to 3 or 4 times.

Another method is even easier to track the MCP promotional offers. Also there are daily discounts and the "good deals" for loyal customers who can save up to 30% from each purchase. In this way, you can not only save money but also to get some sort of free gift items and bonuses.

MCP sells only generic drugs at the lowest prices. Buying from the website is a great opportunity to have a quality analog of expensive medications.

Most of the offered drugs in MCP – not only Viagra, Levitra and Cialis – are generics. They tend to absolutely the same effect as drugs sold under well-known brands, because they contain exactly the same components as in the formula of medications. The price of these drugs is significantly lower, as companies do not need to invest huge funds in the development of production technology and advertising actions aimed at the promotion of medical products.

Save money with generic drugs

If customers have several prescriptions for medical preparations, they may consider the ways of saving on monthly refills. On average, about 50% of Americans have at least 1 medical prescription while more than 10% have at least 3 prescriptions on a regular monthly basis.

Generics cost from 50 to 70% less than brand analogues and they works practically in the same way. MCP offers great deals for people with limited financial refills. Many doctors agree upon assigning a medical prescription for a generic instead of brand pill since they are equivalent by effect and cost less.

Why the services of our pharmacy are so convenient?

Regular clients of online pharmacies like MCP are people who value their time and do not want to spend it in the queues in local drugstores. The service of "home delivery" is successfully used by those who can’t buy medicines in an offline mode (mothers who cannot leave their infants, students, office workers, etc.).

Order pills online is especially useful if a person is sick – after a call to the doctor's house he will not have to run to the pharmacy or ask relatives to do this. The same concerns people with disabilities. It is much easier to make a phone call to order, and within a few hours to get the right medicine.

Usually people search for the necessary drugs because they have troubles: the risk of purchasing low-quality medicines, waste valuable time running around the pharmacies in search of cheaper medicines. However, times are changing and thanks to the widespread development of modern Internet technologies, many people had the opportunity to appreciate the multiple benefits of online pharmacies.

Now people can at any time visit MCP, find the catalog with required medications, detailed reviews, compare their cost with the price in other pharmacies or consult a specialist and find him an alternative. Typically, online pharmacies are not here only to sell drugs, but also implement them with a fast delivery service. It is very convenient, if a person is limited in movement.

Why so many people trust the website services of My Canadian Pharmacy?

  • Multiple offers of medications

All meds that come in a variety of offers and packages and all generics for treating ED have certificates of conformity and a mandatory pass system of state control;

  • Top-notch quality services

My Canadian Pharmacy takes a full responsibility for the quality of its proposed resources, and strive to ensure that all buyers were satisfied with the quality of services. Therefore, cooperation should be carried out exclusively with proven manufacturers, each of which has a license to engage in activities of this kind;

  • Transparent prices for delivery

People can discuss with the managers the delivery terms and inform about where to ship an order;

  • Constant expansion of pharmaceutical products

It is important to constantly expand the range of products, focusing on demand. In addition to branded and generic products, like skin care lineup, herbal teas, ED pills, etc. They know that the winner is an online pharmacy that gives a lot of time and money on its promotion.

  • They let compare prices!

Check the Pharmacy Checker service if there are doubts if they offer the lowest price tags. MCP never lies to his clients and partners, because they want to build a loyal community and want newcomers to come back and use the services regularly. All MCP third-party partners offer the best discount offers for generics at the website. And that is why people always come back to make another order via MCP services.

  • Huge and loyal community

Free consultation are always available online and MCP users help each other. Be sure to sign up and join the community to become a regular member with unique services!

Important notice: Before placing an order on the website, please contact a consultant by phone. MCP will help to choose the most-matching drug that will suit well and will avoid unexpected and awkward situations at the crucial moment.

Also pay attention to the fact that MCP does not sell original products and generic analogues. They differ because they do not have branded packaging and name corresponding to the content of the active substance. This makes it possible to achieve the minimum price without sacrificing quality.

Getting Exclusive Medications Online

Affordable and top-notch medications is considered as a bare necessity worldwide just like food and dwelling that every person should be able to get whenever he or she needs. Despite the status and lifestyle, anybody can get sick seriously, so effective drugs should always be at hand.

From British Columbia to Yukon, in Montreal and Whitecourt – high-quality medical preparations are affordable all over Canadian provinces.

Unfortunately, most web pharmacies offer their users doubtful medications and counterfeits covered under un-registered “generic” titles. MCP works only with trusted manufacturers and supplies of brand and generic pills licensed for sales in Canada and the United States. Most generics went through a number of clinical trials before being approved by local and international health organizations and getting to the list of MCP catalog.

Counterfeit drugs can cost a person the life. Therefore, not every online pharmacy can help in a difficult situation and provide both a cheap and top-notch medication. But MCP works for people and always offers their users only approved pharmacological products that are 100% authentic despite their origin – huge pharmaceutical companies or small generic manufacturers.

That is why they add to MCP catalogue only licensed approved pills and supplements offered in many local pharmacies in Canada and the United States. The main advantage is to provide a free medical consultation before placing an order and deliver a parcel anonymously straight to the client’s address. Also many users become the regulars because of exclusive generics and daily deals for all categories of pills.

Pros of

  • The product authenticity for all offered drugs and supplement - no chance to buy a fake at MCP;
  • A really wide range of medical products. And they can prove this statement with numerous items from a constantly expending catalogue. There are available brand and generics drugs of different pharmacological groups. MCP offers an up-to-date information about availability and daily deals that is sent via emails to subscribers;
  • A really fast and anonymous delivery. If a person ordered a medicine that is available on this website – a customer gets their parcel without delay. In MCP online store, drugs are refilled regularly and they can order them beforehand. In addition, MCP understands that delivering a medicine is always urgent. Therefore, all orders are shipped as soon as possible;
  • MCP provides an easy way to purchase any legal medications in Canada and neighboring United States online. Making a purchase here is very easy, due to a user-friendly interface of the website;
  • The quality of all offered service. Their expert team always tries to provide customers with the highest quality service and at 100% meet all customers’ requirements.

Is it worth using online services of MCP?

A sick person does not always have the opportunity to get to a local pharmacy, even in a good weather, not even speaking about elderly people who are have difficulties to go anywhere during heavy snowfalls.

Now there is no need to take such a risk. People who take care of the elderly parents and their families with the help of the online pharmacy deals and user-friendly our services. Placing an order is simple and doesn’t require much time, MCP managers are always ready to assist with making a right choice and buy an offered pill with the lowest price tag.

My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most recognized in Canada. The team received such respect and trust because of the numerous deals with realistic, justified prices. They sincerely believe that for people such vast and available drug choice is a necessity, so any frauds and speculations in this sphere are simply unacceptable for the service.

What unique drugs are available in MCP?

It is easier to count all those groups of medications that are not offered at the website of MCP than otherwise. Few years ago, they started as a small online pharmacy that was specializing only in sales of erectile dysfunction pills.

Over a decade later in 2018, MCP has expanded enough to offer their clients a vast assortment of different brand, generic drugs as well as all-natural supplements and vitamins. The management hired a professional team of medical experts certified to provide medical consultations for everyone who needs them.

Surely, MCP gives recommendations and online consulting that can fully substitute a visit to a healthcare specialist. The team provides an actual help and are proud of the community and loyal users who keep coming back to the website.

Due to users’ feedback left by MCP community, they decided to expand a catalogue with generics and original drugs that are really expensive or hard to find even online in Canada and even in the United States.

Client Satisfaction is Our Goal

During 2019 the team of MCP received 50+ emails with gratitude from happy parents of kids with asthma. They managed to save a lot on monthly refills of life-saving anti-asthmatic medications offered by the pharmaceutical partners of MCP. That is why they continue to add more items to this particular category and work at improving the catalogue.

If a client has a request for any rare but legal medication that he or she can’t find in a local pharmacy or online with a satisfying price and quality, they are more than welcome to write MCP about this issue. The team tries to solve the problems as quickly as possible. My Canadian Pharmacy works for their clients and makes their families healthy and happy!