Generic Drugs Summarized

Generic Drugs Vs. Brand Drugs: How Big Is The Difference?

» A generic drug is designed from the molecule of an already authorized medicinal product (known as the original drug or the main medicinal ingredient) whose patent has now fallen into the public domain. Generics are required to have the same qualitative and quantitative composition of the principal chemical substance, the same pharmaceutical form as the original and demonstrate that it has the same therapeutic efficacy (the same bioavailability).

generic mcpproThe summary of the above is that generic drugs do not differ from their respective originals in either their chemical makeup, intended use, pharmacological form, effects, side effects or safety. They are complete substitutes for the innovator products, and when they are produced by a pharmaceutical company that conforms to all the industry’s standards, the difference in health outcomes is not perceived by medicated individuals.

Generic drugs benefit from the decline in the original drug sales. The life cycle of the original drug includes a 10-year experimental phase to obtain the marketing authorization of a competent authority and then a phase of use that usually spans 10 years after its marketing. The patent then becomes available for other pharmaceutical manufacturers to pick on. During the period of use, pharmaceutical vigilance authorities make it possible to measure the known adverse reactions, to identify new ones and to improve the safety of patients. Generic drugs are therefore already known to public at the time of their commercialization. The price is exactly what constitutes the main difference between generic and proprietary drug. Other distinctive features include the brand’s name and the way the drug looks. Those attributes are protected by copyright laws.

Generic Drugs Online Price At My Canadian Pharmacy Accounted For

Smart generic drug shopping is key to optimizing your out-of-pocket healthcare budget distribution. This is a proven strategy to become healthier while spending less. So why do generics cost so little? This is a wrong question to ask, if we may. A better question would be: why do brand drugs cost to much and are they worth their salt?

The administrative protection of the data is the protection of the studies paid in support of the marketing authorization dossier of the original (brand) medicinal product. Those expenses incurred by the innovator during researching, testing and marketing stages are reflected in the price of the brand drug.

Speaking of generic drug price, it is composed of the components that every fair manufacturer leans on in its principles of price formation: materials used, manpower cost, logistics and storage. Beware of generic drugs whose cost drops way too low beyond the limits of what is reasonable: if a manufacturer skips on charging for one of the essential price-making components, it is a sure sign that there’s been a tradeoff on something as important as material quality or production safety.

The cost of generic Drugs available at My Canadian Pharmacy cannot go below a certain limit because of the quality of materials used and other essential and rather costly protocols followed during the drug production and transportation. However, you can negotiate a reduced price for a bulk order or redeem your discount coupon to cut the cost.

Generic Drugs Safety: The Canadian Way

» Every generic drug you will find as listed on My Canadian Pharmacy website is produced by pharmaceutical companies accredited in their country of registration and then expertly checked by our own healthcare professionals. In this way, we make sure that every one drug we refer our customers to is a high quality generic that can serve as a full substitute to the brand drug.

viagra online mcpproThe excipient refers to any substance other than the active ingredient present in a medicament. It has no pharmacological activity similar to that exerted by the main component. All medicines, both generics and brand drugs, have excipients. In practice, the excipients serve to bring the active principle into the organism at the place where it is to act. They have a role in the absorption and stability of the drug. They thus allow the correct dissolution in the stomach, condition the drug’s appearance, its color and its taste.

A generic drug may contain excipients different from those of the brand drugs and thus have a different appearance, color or taste. These differences can be sought with the generic (smaller tablet, strawberry flavor instead of banana, a complete absence of excipient, etc.). This appealing flavor addon can be exemplified by Kamagra Oral Jelly, a popular Viagra generic (sildenafil citrate) available at My Canadian Pharmacy Pro. Kamagra Oral Jelly flavor diversity can satisfy the palate of the most confirmed pill haters with its fifteen different editions that span strawberry, vanilla, exotic fruit, chocolate, and many more.

Some specialties contain one or more so-called "known effect" excipients. These excipients are mentioned in the repertoire because the drugs containing them should be used with caution by some more sensitive patients. The so-called "known effect" excipients present an increased risk of poor tolerance in sensitive patients. For example, aspartam, an excipient with a known effect as a source of phenylalanine and therefore contraindicated in people suffering from phenylketonuria. Excipients with a known effect are listed in the industry’s guideline.

» A generic drug may be of interest because it may not contain a well-known excipient contained in the brand drugs. In case of brand Viagra tablet that contains lactose as one of its excipient component, thus posing a health risk for patients with lactose intolerance, there are generic Viagra forms at My Canadian Pharmacy that are lactose-free; for instance, those are Viagra Gel, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Thin-Film Viagra and similar solutions without firm coating similar to that of the brand Viagra. This feature of generics that is very beneficial for fine-tuning therapy for patients with special needs.

For the ultimate safety of patients, it is recommended to choose a generic specialty containing the same excipient(s) with known effect or a generic specialty partially or totally devoid of these excipients with well-known effect. The substitution by a generic specialty containing one or more excipients with well-known effect that does not present the prescribed specialty is possible if it appears, after information, that the user does not present a risk of occurrence of effects related to these excipients. We are carefully chooses generic drugs whose excipients correspond to those of the original drug versions.

There is also a number of other safety factors our specialist observe in order to bring customers maximal security. For instance, even though a certain generic drug has demonstrated its equivalence to the original drug, caution is required in some cases:

  • When treatment is difficult to balance
  • When the difference between the therapeutic dose and the toxic dose is low
  • In the case of certain pathologies

For drugs with narrow therapeutic margins, small differences in dose or concentration lead to a risk of a difference in efficacy or safety. Safe and effective use requires dose adjustment and patient follow-up. If the drug has a narrow therapeutic margin, the range of acceptability of bioequivalence is reduced in order to limit the risks due to a toxic concentration close to the effective concentration. This narrow interval can also be used as a parameter for products whose dosage adjustment is difficult to establish (carbamazepine, levothyroxine, etc.).

Generic Viagra And Other ED Drugs From Canadian Pharmacy

» With the cost of brand drug never really going down but continuing to grow steadily over time, the cost of innovator-produced Viagra seems to even stand out from the rest of the crowd of costly medications. It is considered a lifestyle drug, and as such is not included in basic Medicare plans. If you can barely afford a single dose of sildenafil, let alone getting a regular treatment, well, you are in everybody’s club.

Although Viagra was followed by three other oral agents for ED, its popularity isn’t anywhere close to over. Its phenomenal success is quite explicable if we look at how effectively sildenafil preparations carry out their mission, with next to no side events that diminish with every consecutive ingestion.

It is for that reason that My Canadian Pharmacy focuses on making quality generic Viagra versions available at fair prices. Apart from the obvious price benefits, the advantages of generic Viagra from My Canadian Pharmacy include:

  • High safety profile;
  • Great diversity of forms for customizable therapy;
  • Double-duty drugs for ED and PE (premature ejaculation), such as Viagra Super Force
  • Availability of discounts;
  • Free sample Viagra pill with every order.

Check out the multitude of generic Viagra forms at My Canadian Pharmacy to order online and enjoy a cost-friendly generic with the efficacy and safety of the original.