Rigorous and Considerate Home Delivery of Canadian Pharmacy Drugs

Your shipping options with My Canadian Pharmacy

Shipping and DeliveryAssuming that you are done choosing the meds and ringing them up, it’s time to determine your delivery method. Currently, the following are the options you can choose from:

  • Regular Airmail (10-21 days) $15,00
  • Express Courier (8-14 days) $25,00

Please note that Express Courier delivery services are only available for U.S.-based customers.

Apart from the obvious difference in delivery time, Regular Airmail and Express Courier provide a range of services that are not the same. Thus, the latter has a more diversified list of customer solutions that includes order tracking, same-day delivery and more. However, if you would rather save $10,00, Regular Airmail works just as fine. And though they do not offer order tracking, their services are just as dependable as those of Express.

Choosing a shipping alternative that’s made for you

If you reside outside of the U.S., you basically cannot choose, and we sincerely apologize for this (temporary) inconvenience. Please rest assured that your order delivered by Regular Airmail will be delivered securely, speedily and confidentially.

To our U.S. customers, we recommend carefully considering the method they want their package to be delivered by. With a significant difference in shipping fee of $10,00 there are quite a few things to take into account. Firstly, how urgently do you need your order to be delivered? Secondly, would you like to be able to track your order on its way to you? And finally, how much are you willing to pay in terms of extra fees to have all your extra comfort requirements met?

When you are ready with the answers, check the box next to the delivery service of your choice. Stay tuned in and read our Insider tips to learn about what benefits you get buying a shipping insurance.

This is how you get Canadian Pharmacy drugs online with free shipping

First off, let us assure you that no matter how little money you spend on your order, you will be treated with a special lagniappe from our service, just to express how much we appreciate your trust. Choose between 4 free Viagra pills or 4 free Cialis pills to go with your order.

To further promote your savings, consider accumulating a bigger order and enjoy a graded free shipping offer from our pharmacy:

Free Regular Airmail (10-21 days) for orders starting with $150,00
Free Express Courier (US Customers Only) (8-14 days) for orders starting with $300,00
Free insurance ($4.95 worth) for orders starting with $200,00

We will back you up with any shipping / delivery issues

Starting from order one, you will register that we are deliveries are time-sensitive and accurate thanks to the expertise of our partners in logistics. If you have any questions concerning your current order, My Canadian Pharmacy team representative will respond to your request within a very short period of time and assist with an optimal solution. And though it is not always in our power to provide full details as for your package status, whereabouts or condition, we will do our best to gather as much information from the delivery service as we can.

An important thing we recommend to all of our customers to do is to keep the order confirmation email with your order ID. This will be your passcode for our customer support to identify your order within the system, to track it or to fill you in with any information that you might require about it.

Insider tips
  • Refilling your prescription in advance will save you the anxiety of a nail-biting suspense while you are waiting for your ship to sail in.
  • Stocking up your medicine chest for several weeks or even months teems with benefits down the road: the more you buy, the less you pay per item. And the juicier offers you get at checkout – free delivery, free shipping insurance and more!
  • Do consider investing in a shipping insurance – or get it for free ordering in bulk. A holder of a shipping insurance is guaranteed to have their order restored in full in case the shipping company makes a faux pas with your order.