Your PRO Assistant For Ordering With My Canadian Pharmacy

Your PRO Assistant For Ordering With My Canadian PharmacyIs that your first order placed with My Canadian Pharmacy? Please accept our warm welcome wishes and congratulations with an excellent choice. Our team promise you will be underwhelmed with the quality of services received at each step of your experience with us. In this section we will safely walk you through the few steps you will need to take to complete your order.

Choose products

Look up the drugs you need by category or using the embedded search tool. Click on ‘ORDER NOW’ button to send the items straight to your shopping cart, or follow the ‘MORE INFO’ link to read about the product you are about to order.

Insider tips
  • Did you notice that ‘MORE INFO’ button next to every item on our formulary? It is there to increase your awareness about the product, its properties, unique features, safety, application, side effects and trivia. We wants its customers and visitors to make better informed decisions each time they make an order. Remember that the more educated you are in questions of health, the better therapy outcomes you can expect.
  • Take your time choosing the meds at leisure, considering your prescriber’s recommendations, individual tolerance and responsiveness, personal circumstances, budget and preferences. We links you to an extensive variety of healthcare products that offers you almost unlimited options to choose from. Use this opportunity to your maximal avail!
  • Carefully estimate the needed quantity. In case of a chronic condition, a month’s supply of your prescription should ideally be filled with a single order. This will translate into increased savings on a bulk purchase and on shipping fees. 
  • Ready to check out? Think again, go through your order once more and check if everything is in place and no extra items got into the cart by accident. In the meantime, think about other things we can offer you. Anything from personal hygiene care product range, vitamins or pet products? Think shipping fees!

Choose Free Generic Viagra pills / Generic Cialis Pills As Your Bonus

We offers 4 Generic Viagra / Cialis pills (your call which!) as a compliment from our service. This bonus is included in every order, no matter what your bill amounts to. Simply click on the type of drug you prefer, and it will neatly land into your cart to be eventually wrapped up and delivered to you with all due care for your confidentiality.

Pay attention to other bonuses that can be availed from:

  • Free Regular Airmail (10-21 days) if your order equals or exceeds $150,00
  • Free Express Courier (US Customers Only) (8-14 days) if your order equals or exceeds $300,00
  • Free insurance (guaranteed reshipment if delivery failed) if your order equals or exceeds $200,00
Insider tips
  • Free Generic Viagra or free Cialis pills that come as your bonus from our pharmacy is an exclusive chance to try something new. If it is Viagra you are ordering from us, why don’t you toss in free Cialis for a good measure? At no cost, you will experience the effects of the weekend pill and see if it works better for you. Who knows, maybe next time you will come back for a full-on Cialis order, with Viagra pills as your loyalty bonus? This, of course, works the other way around, too.
  • Consider insuring your order for mere $4.95. This is an excellent way to save you the trouble of claiming reimbursement or money-back should the shipping company of your choice mishandle the package that contains your pills or fails to deliver altogether. Note that you are entitled for a free shipping insurance if you place an order for $200,00 or more.

Fill Out Checkout Page Info

This is a protected page that conforms to security protocols of the highest rigidity. A great way to start filling this one off is by entering your discount coupon number. What, you don’t have one? Impossible, if you are a registered subscriber to our services and newsletters. It’s not too late to register. Take a few moments and your discount code will be issued for you personally and ready to be redeemed. If you already have a subscription, go through our newsletters in your inbox and weed out the digits that will save you a neat sum of money.

Next, tick off your shipping method of choice. Pay attention that Shipping Insurance is an opt-out feature, so uncheck the respective box if you do not wish to get any.

Fill out your personal information. Rest assured that every bit of information you share with us will remain safeguarded during your entire experience with us , and will be deleted from our database when you discontinue using our services.

Choose payment method and provide your payment details. Note that the strongest possible protection is used to secure the safety of your sensitive information and the entire process is empowered by professional billing services of high fidelity. When you are ready, click on ‘SUBMIT’ button.

Insider tips
  • If you have ever filled out similar fields using your current browser, chances are that information was automatically stored in the cache. On the one hand, it is convenient when the fields just get automatically filled; on the other hand, this information stored in your browser cache may be used by malefactors. Take some time manually filling out the fields requiring your personal information and payment details in order to protect your sensitive data from phishing activities and fraud. Adjust your browser settings accordingly, opting out of such information to be stored in future.
  • Revisit all the information you’ve input on Checkout page, making sure all the details are entered correctly. Double-check the content and the amount of products ordered. Only press the confirmation button when you are 100% positive that everything is filled out correctly.

Check Your Inbox For Confirmation Email

An automatically generated email will be sent to the email address you are registered with. Please do not respond to that. Your order will be prepared and shipped within 1-3 ensuing weekdays (with the exception of bank holidays). Wait for your order to arrive, discreetly, safely and speedily. Stay healthy from that moment on!

Insider tips
  • Keep the confirmation email you receive upon completing the ordering process. You might need it for possible future reference concerning your current order. Our customer support representative will ask you to give your unique order number if you have any questions regarding shipping, tracking, complaints or any other query. Only remove the email when you receive your products and are absolutely certain that you will not have any questions about it.