Questions Frequently Asked By My Canadian Pharmacy Visitors

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Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in using our platform for purchasing products. Our commitment is the provision of the top–quality service and this page makes it simple to get the information you need on goods and services. We value your business and our goal is to make your purchasing experience as smooth as possible, to reduce time and cost while enhancing productivity and reliability. If you have any questions about our tools and solutions for placing an order, checking the price, getting order status updates, shipping and delivery policies or requesting a return, please read this page.

Products and Services

What products are offering and from what countries?

We offer great–value generic drugs and our product search is based on your specific needs. Our platform is committed to continuous quality improvement and excellence by providing top and superior quality products and services. Our prices are competitive and our service is reliable and trustworthy always exceeding the expectations of our customers. All drugs you wish to order are harmless to your health and strictly met with requirements of and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are cooperating with and sourcing most commercially available generic drugs from top–rated western pharmaceuticals which products are approved by the national regulators and competent authorities.

Are generics the same as brand-name drugs and what is the difference between them?

Actually, both drug – generic and brand – is the basic product; they have the equal quality and by the FDA standards and regulations, must be identical in the following principal parameters: both should deliver the same amount of active pharmaceutical ingredients which are responsible for the effect of medication; both must be effective, harmless, pure, stable, strong and equal and identical in performing, working, taking, dosing, and providing therapeutic effect. Moreover, these drugs are subject to the same procedures and controls. However, generics differ from their counterparts in name, appearance (size, form and color), taste (flavoring) and how they are packed and sometimes, labeled.

Why are generics cost less and are they harmless?

Making a new drug requires a huge amount of investment in research, development, clinical testing, getting approvals and permits, sales, advertising and promotion. Moreover, to develop new medication multinational pharmaceutical companies must have a highly–trained, skilled and well–paid staff. All these expenses then are reflected in the price of the brand drug and the brand medication itself is protected by the patent. The patent will be expired after 20 years from the date of first appearance of the brand drug at pharmaceutical market. Companies which produce generics spend money only for production and a far less money on sales. That is why generics’ prices are substantially lower than prices for their brand counterparts. It should be emphasized that regulators and competent authorities in all countries do not approve any generics unless pair will be proved to have equal key characteristics.

What should I do if the drug I’m looking for is not available and how can I check the drug availability?

We are offering tools and solutions to look for a wide range of generic drugs and never compromising on quality. You can check the product availability through search engine and/or electronic catalogue. However, if a drug you wish to order is not available, we are able to immediately source it from our partners and suppliers. In the case you can’t locate a specific drug you wish to buy, then, send us email, specifying your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you in your search. If the drug is not available, we can order and arrange its delivery from our partners. Upon delivery and when the drug becomes available, we’ll notify you. We also contact you if our partners have not requested drug in their stocks.

Ordering & Processing

How can I obtain a price quote, place, change and cancel the order and pay for the order?

To find information on price of the drug, please email us directly or leave a message at our website. You can place an order online via our website. All you need is search the drug you would like to order and when you locate a required medication, add it the shopping cart. You also have to choose the shipping and payment method. Please be advised that the online drug store accepts all major credit cards and eCheck. Then place your order by completing a special form containing a personal information and information on your credit card. Please, submit the form. After getting you order we will send you an e-mail acknowledging the receipt. If your order has already been dispatched, in the process of delivery and you get respective shipment confirmation, you can’t change or cancel it.

Does the online drugstore offer discount, bonuses or voucher to keep me loyal?

You may be confident that we are doing everything to please you and to keep you happy. That is why we offer you a discount coupon to add to your basket. Make sure you enter the code as it appears on the offer as the code is case and space sensitive. You can only add code at the time of placing an order. The discount will then be automatically subtracted from the total value of your shopping basket.

Is the information on my credit card and purchasing kept confidential and package sent cautiously?

Please be advised that we do not require information – either business, financial or personal – which is not necessary or relevant for the purpose of providing our service. Our customers’ confidential information is whatever form is secret and always will be kept secret. We are processing credit card and personal data in such a manner as it is implied in respective laws, enactments, and regulations. Every bit of private information you submit us is encrypted and confidential as it done through strictly maintained SSL. The online store will never disclose and publish any information related to our customers’ purchase. Our customers’ privacy is our priority and always be guaranteed. For protection of our customers’ privacy shipments are sent in discreet packaging that does not indicate the contents.

Shipping and Delivery

What means, routes and shipping agents you select and how long should I wait my order?

We provide our services in a good fashion and with all due speed, care, skill and diligence. We will deliver the ordered drugs to you in accordance with the delivery option specified by you when you place your order. Order process time is dependent on the order requirements. US Postal Service is providing our shipping services within and outside USA. Shipments are made on business days except for American public holidays. Regular airmail shipments normally arrive within 14 –21 days maximum. If you reside outside the United States, the package will be delivered by express courier within 8–14 business days. Occasionally delays will occur when there are public Holidays. In case the package does not arrive within a specified delivery period, please make us informed as soon as you can.

Is it possible to check the status of my order?

Before shipment, a tracking number will be emailed to you and can be tracked through the website. Shipping delivery times vary based on delivery address. It is not rare cases in delivery process that you can’t find tracking information in the website although we had shipped the package a long time ago. As a rule, it happens with orders which should be sent outside the USA. All international mails when crossing the borders are subject to a custom control and delays in delivery are usual practice. So, if the package is sent outside USA and Canada, it may take additional time and tracking number may not be reflected at the website for a while.

How do I receive the shipment and will I need to sign for my package upon delivery?

US Postal Service will deliver your package to the shipping address you provided in the form you filled in when you have placed the order. Delivery of the package is required a signature to confirm receipt. In the event the package cannot be delivered and signed for, a US Postal Service Delivery Notice Card will be placed in your mail box or mail slot informing you to pick up your package at your local US Postal Service outlet. Please be advised that the shipping address may be different from your own address as long as you indicate the correct billing address in the order form. However, this could cause a delay.

What should I do when I find a damaged drugs in the package you shipped me?

As a rule, all drugs is properly packed, marked and shipped in accordance with the requirements of the common carrier transporting such products and in a manner that will prevent damage or deterioration to the drugs. However, if for any reason your package arrives damaged, please get us informed immediately. Meantime, take photographs of the drugs, describe in detail of problem and send both pictures and report on the damaged drugs. After assessing, we will reimburse you all sums debited by us or ship you package with ordered drugs free of charge.

What is the reason of delay in getting refund?

Please note that as usual banking practice, it will take up from seven to fourteen business days for your refund to show up on your credit card. Frequently, you can receive refund in one week however due to the bank delays your card may be debited in two weeks. We apologize in advance for the late refund however it is out of our control. If you have not received it within 7–10 days then, please, without hesitation, contact us. After getting in touch with banking authorities to find out reasons of delay, we will inform you.

Can I return my medication after it has been delivered?

Please be advised that by the applicable law and due to public health safety concerns, all sales of pharmaceuticals products are final and therefore returns are not accepted unless under exceptional circumstances. There are two circumstances in which you can return. The first one is if we sent you the drugs you have not ordered. The second is damaged drugs. If any of these events will happen, we will ship you a new package.

To whom I have to address other questions or problems?

If you don’t see your question listed here, or if you need further clarification about any topic, please feels free to contact a member of our customer support team for immediate assistance. Our friendly pharmacy staff is happy to help you! We’re here to support you online, by phone, or if you just need help using the site.