The Advantages of My Canadian Pharmacy: Why Customers Choose Us

The convenience of ordering medicines from us online is staggering. You can do it anytime where you have access to the internet. Besides, drugs are delivered straight to your doorstep. You can also get prescriptions for medications that are not available in the United States, like Finasteride for hair loss or Rivotril for anxiety.

Many of these drugs have been available in the US for years, but the FDA has suddenly placed "safety" restrictions, making it almost impossible to purchase them. The FDA even banned non-prescription versions of Finasteride, and it's still not available in the US!

The convenience of ordering drugs from the internet is undeniable. So much so that most states have already made it legal for individuals to order prescription medications online, and most of these drugs are delivered almost instantly. My Canadian Pharmacy does the same. For example, you can even get a free trial of Rogaine (minoxidil). Many times a doctor's office will defer you to an online pharmacy to save themselves time and money. Not only that, but when one examines the cost of certain medications, it can be cheaper than what you'd pay at CVS or Walgreens.

We also offer a wide choice of PE and ED medications for the residents of the United States. You can even purchase two medications at the same time. The customer service is exceptional. If the package arrives damaged we'll give you a full refund, and we'll ship it back to us for a replacement without any charge to you. Make an order today or subscribe for more information about buying prescription drugs from our anonymous pharmacy.

You are going to get the following benefits when ordering from us:

  • Lower prices;
  • Reliable service and stable connection with the company;
  • Full refund in case of unsatisfying service;
  • Regular and free consultations with the online staff members if something goes wrong or if you experience an emergency case.