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My Canadian Pharmacy Introduction

mcplogoDear customer, My Canadian Pharmacy would like to thank you for the interest you express for our service coming to About Us page. The fact is, though, that pharmacy is all about customers just like you, and this is not at all meant as a high-brow exaggerative cliché: you’ll see as you continue reading that it is through detecting shoppers’ needs and living up to their fulfilment that our pharmacy has developed and prospered. Ready to learn more about how we can be of use to you? Come on then!

A Story Of One My Canadian Pharmacy

The idea about an all-inclusive online pharmacy service was born in the early aughts. It was the time when the much spoken about globalization has finally picked up its pace and authoritatively took the stage from thereon out.

Up till 2003 we were a small brick-and-mortar pharmacy in Edmonton (now - Baltimore, MD and Edmonton, AB). There we used to function as a local pharmacy slash drugstore, catering to the most immediate needs of the neighborhood. What we do miss about working IRL is the direct customer communication part: seeing our customers happy is what matters to every staffer on this pharmacy payroll, at the end of the day. This is why we so encourage our online shoppers to ask questions, seek customer assistance and leave feedback – which is you, too, are most welcome to do!

Already then we launched a beta version of our pharmacy, expertly delivering mail orders to the proverbial door of our clientele. The pivot point for our business though was the financial crises of 2007-2008 which affected many individuals’ ability to refill on quality healthcare products. Staying healthy became an attribute of luxury to most of our regular shoppers. A state of things we bitterly disagreed with.

It was a time for our board members to really put their heads together and brainstorm the ideas of minimizing the cost of products and services we provided. And this is how we ultimately transgressed from bricks to clicks, giving up our physical space but also the high cost of rent, maintenance, and so much more petty expenditures that did not translate into either efficacy or quality. We also figured it made a lot of sense, economy-wise, to offer cheaper but as effective generic alternatives to expensive meds, which turned out to be the money-saving tool number one for the shoppers in the long run.

Very soon generics, and in particular, alternatives to costly lifestyle pills like ED drugs, became the unrivalled hit and thus the main focus of our pharmacy service – to an extent where customers coined the term ‘Canadian Pharmacy Viagra’, referring to generic Viagra online. And this is what we are supplies with a Pro-found Pro-ficiency.

Our Pro-fessionals: online drugstore Pro-ficiency with a lot of heart

My Canadian Pharmacy teamMy Canadian Pharmacy would be nothing without its pros, the staffers who make it happen. The code of ethics of our pharmacy dictates its requirements for every member of our team. Irregardless of the field of application, each Canadian Pharmacy staffer should possess such vital personal qualities as consideration, thoughtfulness, amiability. Professionally, we require that the payroll staffers at My Canadian Pharmacy Pro are Pro-pensive and Pro-active Pro-ponents of healthier living for customers with a budget to consider.

  • The entire system that is designed to make you healthier is smoothly operated thanks to managers skilled in setting goals and appointing tasks, organizing the work of all the company’s departments.
  • Experienced pharmacy technicians and healthcare personnel are in charge of hand-picking the top quality pills that will later be referred to on the pages of our website – coupled with informative reading pieces submitted by our authors.
  • Website designers and developers plan the interface layout so as to make your navigating intuitive and efficient.
  • IT specialists store and protect your personal information and private details.
  • Marketing and logistics department staff are constantly searching for new ways to minimize the costs of medications we refer you to.
  • Order dispatchers are the people who make sure that your order is duly packed and shipped within the shortest timeframe.
  • It is our assistive and friendly customer support team whose voices you hear on the phone or whose response you get during correspondence in case of any questions left unanswered.
  • And it is you, dear Customer, who sets this entire clockwork machine in motion, every time you as much as visit our website!

Our Goal: Fixing Hottest Deals On ED Drugs From Trusted Canadian Online Pharmacies

The old adage of scoring the quality you can rely on for a price you won’t shrivel at rings especially true for online pharmacy shoppers. Few things matter as much as good health, and thus accessibility of healthcare items is a major challenge for many. We spares you this ordeal. Note that although medical consulting reference is included into our range of services, it cannot be considered a full substitute to physical examination. Confer with your attending therapist before taking any new medication.  `

Erectile dysfunction (medical abbreviation ED) is a condition that is acknowledged as detrimental to general health and life quality, and as of late 90s it started to be treatable. There is not a single reason to suffer in silence, to feel ashamed of it or to choose between your budget plan and getting medicated now that you have My Canadian Pharmacy as your personal assistant in picking the best ED drugs online for you to choose from. Here is how we can help you land and bag a made-to-measure men’s health solution:

We establish what are the best suppliers of ED drugs among Canadian online pharmacies
We seek far and wide, compare and determine the finalists: the best quality ED drugs online
We find the most competitive prices among finalist offers
We present you the search results in a well-organized manner for you to choose from
We aggregate a mass of discount coupons, promo codes, free shipping codes and other such bonanza exclusively for My Canadian Pharmacy to access
We protect your personal information from fishing and your privacy from spamming
We help you receive your order speedily and discreetly
We publish health related materials on a variety of conditions to promote healthcare awareness and help you take a more knowledgeable care of yourself and your family
We connect you to the best medical consulters online and run a range of other services related to healthcare

The bottom line is that at our pharmacy we Pro-pagate wellbeing that is accessible to everyone, Pro-pelling your recovery with an inventory of money-saving tools like generic Viagra discounts, bonuses, free shipping, and that does not even begin to describe it. We recommend that you read more on discount ED drugs in one of the next sections of MCP Introduction.

Upward Pro-Pulsion with Canadian Pharmacy: Buy Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Online

Health is an aspect of living that sets priorities straight. We all learn at a certain point in time that compromising on the quality of health related items will backfire in the long run. Still, seeing the high cost of most medications and healthcare services, one often needs to tiptoe in order to reach out for the required treatment, especially if it is not a part of the general insurance plan – as it often happens with ED pills. Time to think out of the box!

Generic ED drugs and discount Viagra pills give you an opportunity to save money and avoiding this unsafe shortcut to subpar quality. Here at our website you will find exhaustive materials on how to protect yourself from rogue e-drugstores and choose pills of maximal safety and efficacy. Using our cheaper generic Viagra finder service, you will take the guess work out of the equation and protect yourself from scammers. Canadian Pharmacy is synonymous with safe Viagra, Cialis and Levitra generics made up by reputable manufacturers using high-quality ingredients whose effects are identical to those of the original drugs.

In addition to this safety warranty, you will gain access to Viagra discount coupons and bonus pills included in every order (choose 4 free trial Viagra or Cialis tablets irrespective of subtotal). We engages a large number of other money-saving tools that help you buy generic Viagra from Canada online pharmacies spending significantly less money. Would you like to find out more about the concept behind generic Viagra and non-proprietary drugs in general? Read on!

Generic Viagra: Most Pro-Minent ED Item In Canada Online Pharmacy Search

generic viagra mcpproIn this section we are proudly presenting the type of generic Viagra customers search for the most, and a signature product at our pharmacy mycanadianpharmacypro.com. And while Viagra hardly needs any additional publicity, the generic part can still put a puzzled frown on many a forehead. So let us break down the concept of generics and explain reasons of why generic ED drugs online are such a long-standing hit with shoppers in Canada and worldwide.

Generic, or non-proprietary drugs, are inseparable from the original drug in the sense that generic is nothing more but a stage in any drug’s history. Consider the way any synthetic drug comes around: a pharmaceutical company with a research laboratory invests into finding the right formula. This is never an easy process, with big money riding on the issue. Thousands and thousands of formulas get discarded long before clinical trials start. A few variants of the most successful formula then get to be tested – it might take several years or even decades. Finally, the formula is presented for healthcare authorities for standardization and safety check, and then approval – if everything goes well. The developing company then applies for a patent, and for several ensuing years the original developer holds a patent for monopolistic production. The moment the patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies can buy the patent for generic production of the same drug.

So what changes about production of the drug once it becomes generic? The laboratory. Naturally, such attributes as the name, the color, the shape and the package are also different – those are items protected by copyright for every separate company. But the formula, the ingredients, the effects and the safety are not subject to change: they are equal for original and brand medications alike.

Viagra Online at our pharmacy is a safe generic version of the acclaimed diamond-shaped sex pill. Multiple reports from customers prove that the difference is not traceable once the tablet reaches the stomach. The same cannot be said about the bank account – generics do not breach it in the way original drugs do. The rationale behind this is simple: original drug developers need to make up for the money invested at the earlier stages; generic producers charge for materials and workforce.

Best in Viagra Discount Coupon Pro-Positions

discount and coupons from my canadian pharmacyEveryone likes small presents, don’t they? And if you are anything like us, you like getting spoiled with all sorts of gifts and compliments. The magical words ‘sale’, ‘discounts’, ‘clearance’, ‘freebies’, ‘promo codes’ make the heart give a joyful leap. The little extras you save with us mail-ordered drugs pile up to substantial sums of money that can be spent on actual gifts for yourself, your near and dear. Now, doesn’t that sound like holiday season all year round? That’s right, Canada online pharmacy is one place on Web where every day is Black Friday.

Every time you use the services of My Canadian Pharmacy mycanadianpharmacypro.com, you get a gift in form of bonuses included into your basket, free shipping codes and more. Generic Viagra, an all-time classic at our pharmacy, is our favorite way to spoil shoppers rotten. This diamond-shaped sex pill will give you diamond-hard erections with none of safety issues or credit card overdrafts.

To give you a feel for it, here’s a sneak-peek of what expects you as a Pro customer:
  • Viagra for sale all year round;
  • Discount Viagra online alerts;
  • Discount coupons for Viagra in your mailbox;
  • 4 free Viagra pills as bonus for every order;
  • Generic Viagra samples and more!

Consistent Quality Behind Our Pro-Vision

In the pharmacy industry, it is not the low price that makes a good healthcare supplier, but the quality of the products offer. It is with this understanding that we was thought into life, and it is this rule that we abide by every day we work. It is the reputation of our service that is entirely built around the quality of our drugs as perceived by customers.

The quality of Canadian Pharmacy online assistance can be experienced on every level as determined by the rules of global marketing:

  • Performance;
  • Features;
  • Reliability;
  • Conformance;
  • Durability;
  • Serviceability;
  • Aesthetics.

In order to ensure that our visitors get nothing short of the best we perform months of extensive researches, scanning through generic Viagra Canada’s most attractive offers and contacting manufacturers to find out if they are backed up by safety and efficacy. This is why you will find only solutions Pro-pelling your recovery at our pharmacy!

An important point in learning whether or not a particular drug lives up to high standards set at Canadian Pharmacy for quality monitoring is generic Viagra reviews and real life experiences shared by customers like you. We never go below five-star customer-rated meds, and it is your opinion that is a deciding factor to us.

Pro-Ceed And Put Us To The Test – You’ll Find We’re Better Than The Rest!

There is a diversity of ways in which you can employ our services: browse drugs by categories choosing a solution that suits you best, filter meds by price or type, read news and articles about drugs and health conditions, share your own drug reviews or find peer reviews by other subscribers, bookmark your favorites and monitor discounts for them, subscribe to healthcare news and promo codes, get alerts for generic Viagra sales, negotiate better deals and ask for custom-made discounts – the list of how you can put us to a good use can go on and on! What is your idea of how we can be of help to you today? Share it with us!

Customer soon learn that there are only Pro-s, no cons to using the services of our pharmacy. Are you ready to give it a go?


My Canadian Pharmacy is created for purposes of sharing information and spreading healthcare awareness among online pharmacy customers worldwide. This may include but is not limited to providing peer reviews, surveys, instructions and current prices for health products found on Web. The information contained on this website should be used at readers’ discretion. We encourage our visitors to exercise common sense before following any advice given. Understanding that every case is individual and it is the attending doctor who should have a final say in healthcare matters is required. We online resource is thus an educational platform and not an online pharmacy business participant, neither it is in any way associated with any company, brand or other such entity that may appear as mentioned on its pages.