Privacy Policy Protecting Customer Integrity

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We are a leading online pharmacy service. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your personal information. The following is intended to give you an exhaustive and honest explanation to inform you on how we use the provided information. We assume an obligation to meet and exceed all privacy standards. All our actions are governed by the Eight Principles of PIPEDA (the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act): 

Identifying Purposes
Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention
Safeguarding Personal information
Customer Access
Complaints and Suggestions

What Information MCP Collects

We gather and use any type of personal data that is necessary for processing the orders for our generic products or services. Typically, we need to know the next private information: your full name, delivery address with a zip code, contact details (phone number and e-mail), and credit card information (your birth data, a card type and number, its expiry date, and CVV2/CVC2). If you decide to withhold some details, this may create an obstacle for delivering of the products we are able to provide.

If our pharmacy is unable to fulfill your request based on the provided details, we may ask you for additional information to complete an order processing. You should acknowledge that we may keep the history of communication with you and use it for customer inquiry purposes.

How We are uses Personal Information

We are uses your private information for communicating with you, enhancing your experience while using our web portal, processing your orders and effectively providing the generic medications you request. Sometimes we use your private information for offering you additional services and products and personalized bonuses.

We never share your personal data with any third-parties without your prior consent to ensure your absolute confidentiality. There is only one case when we may share this data with other companies: when it is necessary to deliver our products to you (for example, a postal service to send our generic medications to you).

In some situations including legal procedures, we may be asked to reveal your private information to these authorities. If your personal information is requested for disclosure, we take all necessary precautions to ascertain that such an authority that makes a request has a stationary ground to do so.

Safety Precaution

We use up-to-date technologies and follow the highest security standards what ensures that your private information is securely protected against disclosure, identity theft or an unauthorized access. Our safety and security provisions are all at the highest level (including electronic, procedural, and physical measures) to help us protect your information from being seen, stolen or shared by unauthorized users.

Though we only use reasonable ways to keep your private data secured, we are not liable if the information transmitted over the internet is disclosed, seen, misused or altered.

Our security practices are monitored and modified on a regular basis to help us protect the privacy and confidentiality of your private information. My Canadian Pharmacy appropriately maintains its server infrastructure and manages the firewall environment to be strictly adhered to.

Our team have a restricted access to your personal information as well. Our employees abide by our privacy policy standards and follow all regulations associated with our non-disclosure agreement. We strictly prohibit and prevent any unauthorized access to the clients’ information. Our team always maintains the confidentiality of personal information. If any member fails to protect your personal information, he/she will face disciplinary actions, including dismissal and prosecution.

How Our Pharmacy Accesses and Amends Your Information

We make our decisions basing on the information you gave us. Therefore, we always ask you to provide us with accurate and complete information. Any purchaser at our pharmacy has a right to access, make corrections and amendments, and verify their information before confirming an order. This also will assist us in keeping your information up-to-date.

In case you provide us with irrelevant or out-of-date information, please, inform us as soon as possible to let us make the proper changes and transmit these changes to the involved parties.


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Privacy Officer

Our visitors and customers may send their questions or inquiries concerning our security practices or personal information safety by visiting

Changing this Policy

Any updates to our privacy policy will be acknowledged in this policy without delay. We may add, alter or delete portions of the current privacy policy if necessary.