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The Risks of Multivitamins

With the development of fitness industry and dietary science, more and more people turn their attention to nutritional supplements, vitamins, and antioxidants in particular. With every sports magazine promoting a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, and aggressive marketing campaigns run by additive manufacturers, the idea of enriching your diet with a couple of magical pills, available over the counter at every chemist’s shop, looks very alluring. However, fans of this modern tendency most likely know little about what kind of nutrients they take,

Americans Save 90% Of Drug Cost Shopping in Canada

U.S. drug prices are officially the highest worldwide » There is no up-and-running system for regulating the drug prices in the U.S. Customers feel very much unprotected against whichever price pharmaceutical companies see fit. And according to a recent polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 72% of Americans believe the current prices for prescription drugs to be unreasonably high. There is also a bad for accountancy of pharmaceutical groups,

Blood Pressure Medications

Which Hypertension Medicine is better (or More Effective)? And which is the Best? The answer on this question is not complicated: In order to understand this issue, one has to graduate from School of Medicine. Only after that it is possible to make a hypothesis that a medication A for a patient X with one set of diseases will work better than a medication B for a patient Y with another set of diseases.

Does Viagra make you last longer?

Premature ejaculation together with erectile dysfunction is the most frequently experienced disease nowadays. The reasons for that can vary from psychological stresses to somatic diseases and physiological peculiarities. Moreover, the problem of PE lies not only in physiological field. Very short coitus leaves both partners unsatisfied. In most cases it causes depressive states, problems in personal relations and break-ups. Modern medical practice has developed effective methods of PE treatment including drug therapy,