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What To Eat And What To Drink With Cialis

Cialis is an oral drug against erectile dysfunction (ED). And although it is widely popularized that this long-acting pill can be consumed alongside any meals and beverages, it is also a fact that any meal you eat during any drug intake can make it or break it in terms of the pill efficiency. In this article, MCP will tell you what products are best taken during Cialis therapy, and which, on the contrary, should be avoided if you want to enjoy maximal health outcomes.

Herbal Therapy of Premature Ejaculation: Algorithm, Therapies, Remedies

Premature ejaculation or fast emission of seminal fluid is one of the varieties of erectile dysfunction that affects about forty per cent of men all around the world. Some of them have constant disorder, whereas others have experienced this unpleasant moment for male ambition. Home remedies for premature ejaculation are more preferable than medicamentous therapy, since for most men, these are episodic cases; and people try to avoid constant usage of medicines that take an adverse impact on their organism.

Viagra Professional – Top 10 Questions

Ever since its release, Viagra Professional has gained a wide popularity in Canada – now it is the ED pill of choice for thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This fourth-generation drug is both potent and safe, and the risk of side effects is minimal. What’s more, the flexible pricing policy at My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees that you are gettinig a top-quality product at the best price on the market. And even that is not all: our special deals,

Top 5 Generic Viagra Types That Increase Libido

For many decades the topic of erectile dysfunction was a taboo: the first mention of this problem in the 20th century was an advertisement of a herbal remedy in 1930s in the United States. The first tested drug with proven effectiveness presented by a pharmaceutical company was Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate). It happened only about 20 years ago, so you can understand for how long the problem was beyond appropriate topics for discussion. First Viagra ads showed actors over 45,

Female Viagra: Does It Exist?

When Viagra was first released in 1998, it was a tremendous victory over a disorder that was ruining lives of tens of millions men – erectile dysfunction. Suddenly there was a magic pill that produced a reliable and strong erection every time, as long as the man was sexually aroused. However, the appearance of ED drugs soon raised another issue: what about women? According to statistics, up to 40% of all women suffer from sexual dysfunction and are unable to enjoy sex.

Can Viagra really save your relationship?

Erectile dysfunction may not be a life-threatening condition, but it can certainly have an extremely negative effect on your quality of life. Sexual performance is key to a man’s self-confidence and self image; once it’s gone, men find that all areas of their life suffer. ED can cause depression (though it is often a symptom of depression, too), stress, anxiety; it causes men to close up, retreat into a phychological shell of sorts. Relationships suffer and are destroyed by  impotence.

Versatility of Levitra: Perspectives of Administration

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions Erectile dysfunction is met quite often. Its incidence in population depends on men’s age. Erection disorders in men at thirty in average are exposed in almost 16 per cent of cases, whereas at forty they reach 39 per cent, at fifty – 67 per cent, and at seventy – 83 per cent. Etiology of ED is varied and multifactor, although its organic forms prevail. PDE5 inhibitors introduced in practice in 1996 made a real revolution in ED therapy.

Balanitis (Swollen Foreskin): Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options

  Balanitis means an inflammation of the glans (or a head of the) penis. There are also similar conditions such as posthitis (inflammatory processes manifested in the prepuce) and balanoposthitis which combines the symptoms of both. The sole reason for a distinction between these three conditions is the impossibility of prepuce irritation in circumcised males. Thus balanitis is more common as it affects both male categories. However, for the most part in clinical practice,

Our Doctor About Cialis Side Effects, Warnings, Contraindications And Interactions

Cialis and its generics are a long-time bestseller and an absolute hit with customers of My Canadian Pharmacy. The pill is a long-acting marathoner that will have your back during 36 hours, regardless of meals and drinks ingested. However, there is still a room for improvement – our doctors would like to reiterate certain safety points of Cialis use. For a touch-up on your knowledge about Cialis effects, benefits, uses and drugs containing generic tadalafil,

Step Up Your Viagra Game with These Natural Aphrodisiacs

A lot of men heard about aphrodisiacs and their influence on the desire to have sex, but not a lot of them have used these foods to get the results. There exist plenty of completely natural aphrodisiacs that will not only influence your sexual performance but will also improve your health, so there is no need to buy aphrodisiac drugs. If you are someone who takes Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction, you will be able to bring your game to the next level with these products.