Why You Win with Cialis’s Disappearance from TV

NFL and Cialis

Mainly, Cialis advertisement is shown during sports broadcasts, and Eli Lilly is not going to change this marketing policy in this regard. Along with Viagra, Cialis is the principle advertiser during NFL (National Football League) streaming. It is explained by the fact that erectile dysfunction is the topic of discussion for adults. That’s what is to be taken into account while choosing channel for its advertisement positioning. Cialis producers claim that they pay much attention to the fact that the ad message is addressed to people at a mature age.

NFL-and-CialisWhat Has Happened with Cialis Ads?

Sales of advertising campaigns for NFL games during off-season, and generally it is connected with the products which are designed to treat erectile dysfunction. According to mass media, Cialis and Viagra manufacturers refused to acquire advertisement during NFL matches in the forthcoming season. It is just the time when these products were shown at NFL nearly oftener than other ones.

But the point is not only in view rating drop during NFL, but also in pharmaceutical patents: both Cialis and Viagra will soon acquire the status of generic drugs. Thus, their manufacturers do not consider it to be important to advertise the brand.

For NFL television broadcasting company-partners it’s bad news, since last year Cialis and Viagra spent more than 50mln U.S. dollars on advertising video clips. As for Cialis consumers, this is a perfect piece of news. Generis status of a drug means perfect opportunities for lowing of price and other valuable advantages.

Originals or Generics: Advantages of Generic Drugs

The most disagreeable disease for the stronger sex all around the globe is erectile dysfunction. It includes ED, weak erection, premature ejaculation, and other disorders which are successfully treated in modern medicine by means of such medications as Cialis, Levitra, Viagra and their analogues.

While purchasing these drugs, each person paid much attention to high cost of original remedies. But is there a way out if men cannot afford a regular use of such medications? Yes, the workaround exits and it is much easier than it seems at first sight: generics, analogues of the ED boosting medications.

Generics are medicinal products, the benefit of which is therapeutic interchangeability of original drug with similar remedy with exactly the same composition. The cost of such medication is much lower, and efficiency and safety remain on the same level with the original. Generic of medicinal product is unpatented agent without any differences in active substance of the original drug. Their issue meets all accepted requirements and standards in order to make qualitative medicinal products affordable for any population stratum.

Analogues of the original drugs allow people to struggle against diseases effectively within the course of many years. The main difference of generics from patented medicinal products lies in the fact that when it is time to register a new medicine, a producer has to conduct necessary tests for obtaining a patent. The duration of a patent for each country may be different and may last from 10 to 25years. During this period, only that company is able to issue the product which has obtained a manufacture patent. Upon expiration period, any other company is eligible to use active substances of the remedy in order to produce medicines under another brand name.

Companies-manufacturers of generics create absolute analogues of patented medicines, whereas auxiliary agents in their composition are manifold cheaper. Moreover, generics do not undergo clinical trials, and a producer doesn’t waste a lot of money on drug’s advertising or development of original package design. These entire factors take a considerable impact on generics cost.

Generics advantages over the originals:

  • Efficiency and characteristics of generics do not differ from the originals’ ones, since their composition comprises the same active substances and in analogous doses and forms;
  • Generics’ price is cheaper by almost four times along with similar disease-curing properties;
  • Due to low cost of analogues, there is no point of faking generics; therefore, the possibility of counterfeit purchase is excluded;
  • Features of active substance which are present in generics’ composition are studies in details; thus, side-effects are well known.

What Is Cialis Generic?

Cialis generic represents a medicinal product which was designed for restoration of erectile function for lots of men all around the world. In essence, original and generic do not have any difference. The only thing is that generic costs much less than original Cialis. Their ingredients are identical, and active substance is tadalafil. This remedy is dedicated for erection improvement and struggle against premature ejaculation. It is worth mentioning that original components start taking their action at the time when analogue is already working.

Generics effect may be observed during 1,5 days. This remedy is often applied in order to treat ED due to its high results. Also, it is recommended in any signs of impotency or libido decrease. Even after long application of Cialis generic, it won’t build up tolerance. It has insignificant side-effects. Cialis generic may be applied by the representatives of stronger sex belonging to any age groups, and even for those who suffer from chronic diseases.

The crucial component of this remedy is tadalafil. This substance is able to slow down ejaculation process; therefore, the duration of sexual intercourse prolongs. Good erection preserves for a long time due to enhanced blood supply to penis. Tadalafil relaxes smooth muscle cells promoting saturation of cavernous bodies with blood. Generic Cialis gives possibility to prolong sexual intercourse, sensitivity of erogenous zones, and to brighten up sexual life.

It should be borne in mind that this remedy is not a stimulant. In order to initiate its action, natural excitement is required.

Cialis generic was created for people who had sexual issues or decreased sexual attraction. In the first case, a man has insufficient of lax erection, and erection occurs the first minutes of coitus. Very often ED affects elderly men. Nevertheless, young men can also come across this issue which may be provoked by bad way of life, obsessive habits, etc.

Cialis generic restores sexual functions which were affected due to various factors. It is generally used for prophylaxis of such disorders as prostatitis, impotency, and development of swelling in prostatic gland. Besides, Cialis generic is applied in order to improve the quality of sexual life. Tadalafil can set quickly additional production of testosterone and enhance sexual desire. Also, this substance prolongs erection. The remedy has not only tadalafil in its composition, but also ingredients which allow increasing the action of active substance. Cialis generic contains lactose, sodium lauryl sulfate, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, and cryptocrystalline cellulose. These components are not harmful for human health if a man observes correct dosage.

After intake of the medication, the following alterations in organism are observed:

  • improvement of erection;
  • cardiac acceleration;
  • endurance increase;
  • energy boost;
  • enhanced sensitivity of erogenous zones.
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