Those 5 lifestyle changes will prevent and curb Erectile Dysfunction

» Experts say that great number of diseases has become younger. What does it mean? It means that a lot of health disorders are experienced by people of much younger age than it was typical before. For example, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are treated in patients who are less than 30 years old. The same situation is taking place with sexual disorders and erectile disorders, in particular, which are suffered by men even under 40 whereas in contrast twenty years ago average age of patients with ED reached 55 – 60 years.

What is the reason?

Modern lifestyle is a major reason for such unpleasing changes. First of all, constant stresses, negative emotions, crazy pace of life and unsatisfactory environmental conditions in big cities create excessive tension on human body resulting in various disorders. Add here couch – potato lifestyle, bad habits which include smoking, alcohol and overeating and you will see the clear picture of modern hazards that kill people softly. Even if the modern man knows that there is no way-out he continues to conduct this lifestyle just because he is accustomed to. As a result, the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction may occur before he turns grey.

We may guess that modern man thinks something like: “Oh, there is no problem. I’ll buy Viagra and everything will be okay”. There is bad news here. Despite the fact that Viagra and its generics are available nearly everywhere this medication is not prescribed for everyone. If the patient has cardio vascular or liver disorders (which is quite possible in case of overeating and alcohol abuse) Viagra won’t help. In such a case Viagra is not a remedy, but a risk factor that may cause disease recurrence. So, Viagra is not a panacea. What should one do to maintain his sexual health then? The answer is very easy: one should change his lifestyle. The changing plan consists of five simple steps either of which is aimed at getting rid of one bad habit.

1st change: Quit Smoking

At first, one should remember that erectile function directly depends upon the condition of blood vessels. Each bad habit being it smoking or something else affects the blood vessels making them narrower and thinner. The amount of blood coming to the penis via narrow blood vessels is insufficient to maintain erection. Smoking also damages lungs (it is widely known that lung cancer is the most frequent disease smokers suffer from) and cerebral vessels. Damaged cerebral vessels cannot bear the load during sexual activity so there may be the high probability of a stroke. Moreover, patients with the stroke in their medical history are not recommended to take Viagra and its generics or any other PDE5 inhibitor.

» Getting rid of smoking habit requires a lot of forces and strong will. Sometimes even psychotherapy is needed. However, after you stop smoking you will definitely feel the difference of your life quality.

2nd change: Quit Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alcohol is another enemy of human health. First of all, it damages cardio – vascular and nervous systems. One can list the most frequently experienced consequences of alcohol abuse: heart stroke, arterial hypertension, serious liver disorders resulting in cirrhosis in some cases, damage of cerebral vessels and deterioration of neural connections in brain. One can also add delirium and psychic disorders. Are generic Viagra or Cialis prescribed for patients suffering from any of the above-mentioned disorders? The answer is no.

PDE5 inhibitors (Sildenafil, Tadalafil or Vardenafil) are very strong and effective drugs. Their main action is aimed at relaxing muscles of cavernous body and widening the blood vessels for blood to come to penis and to result in strong and long-lasting erection. Thus, increased load on vessels occurring during the sexual intercourse is accompanied by the therapeutic action of the ED treatment drug. If something is wrong with blood vessels they will not bear the load. The outcome may be very serious and in some cases even lethal.

» Apart from the threats mentioned above alcohol causes genetic changes in future generations. Thus, it’s up to you whether to be healthy and to have successful sexual life and harmonious relations or to give birth to kids with genetic damages and to end up with a whole bunch of diseases.

3rd change: Do Exercises

Physical exercises are always recommended for the healthy lifestyle. Everyday exercising improves human cardio-vascular system, strengthens blood vessels and oxygenizes blood. As a result, healthy blood vessels supply sufficient amount of blood to penis that facilitates regular and strong erections. Besides, physical exercises of any kind including walking, running, tennis, gym, Pilates, swimming and so on strengthen the body tone and increase stamina. It increases the ability for longer and more frequent sexual intercourses. As doctors say regular and sufficient sexual life improves men’s sexual health and vigour, decreases the risk of prostate disorders as well as improves psychological state.

» You can start exercising even at home. Be sure that you can afford 20 minutes per day. At the beginning you can make the simplest exercises and in the course of time you will certainly see the result.

4th change: Keep on diet

Here we come to the point easiest from one side and the heaviest from the other. One would think that it is very easy to stop eating heavy and dangerous food and develop new eating principle. Nothing of the sort! Eating has also become a kind of addiction like cigarettes and alcohol. Together with lifelong harmful eating behavior and availability of fast food everywhere overeating and excessive weight are a growing problem of the modern society.

Excessive weight negatively influences cardio-vascular system, muscoskeletal system and gastrointestinal organs. Increased number of cardio-vascular diseases is caused mainly by incorrect lifestyle and harmful eating habits which include a lot of fat and heavy food full of cholesterol. Except for the cardio – vascular diseases excessive weight and harmful food trigger diabetes, frequent cases of pancreatitis, short-breathing and of course erectile dysfunction.

» In order to improve sexual health one should change eating habits completely. First of all, one should prefer vegetables and diet (non-fat) meat: chicken, turkey or beef. Changes in diet that help fight ED involve fish, vegetables and fruit that are the best friends of healthy eating. Moreover, consultations with the expert in dietary food and eating will help you develop your own food complex and eating schedule, reduce weight and improve your health state.

5th change: Psychotherapy is a real aid

Psychological state is also an important factor that causes erectile dysfunction. It is of interest to note that psychological state of man influences both the occurrence of ED and the course of its treatment. Professional stresses and embittered personal relations, unsuccessful sexual experience and tiredness are among the reasons of psychological ED.

On the other hand psychological ED is considered to be one of the most easily cured types of sexual dysfunctions. Doctors recommend that each patient suffering from ED start with psychotherapy as a lot of ED cases has the psychological ground and can be cured at this stage. Moreover, ED treatment drugs work best of all in case of psychological ED.

In case of psychological ED couple counseling is of great importance. It helps partners restore the trust and psychological intimacy that are often lost when ED occurs. Man experiencing ED often withdraws to oneself. So it is quite difficult for his wife or girlfriend to understand what he needs. Most couples break up without solving their problems. Surely, their future life cannot be called happy.

The therapist will help the man talk about his problem openly and will explain the woman how to accept this and support her partner correctly. All these steps will show the outstanding results. Besides, in the course of therapy man can solve his professional problems. So, effective psychotherapy can improve all the spheres of man’s life.

» To sum it up, there are 5 major steps every man suffering from ED should make if he wants to get rid of his problem. Even in case of serious physiological reasons of ED healthy lifestyle and psychological support will make huge contribution into the process of recovery.

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