Essential Oils to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, most people apply to tried-and-true ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or their generic counterparts. Still, there are people leery of any therapeutic intervention and claiming that it is better to manage erectile disorder with a more subtle, say, natural way. If you too are suspicious of official ED treatments but would like to improve your sexual function, you may find these essential oils quite helpful.

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How Do I Fix Our Erectile Dysfunction: A Girlfriend’s Guide

OK, ladies, why hide the truth: when his member cannot get hard enough at “this very moment”, it is not his problem, but YOURS. Name it, your shared challenge. And you, as a loving and caring partner, MUST do everything to help him (say, both of you) overcome this “hanging” unpleasantness. Surely, you can push him to a doctor, throwing a medical insurance at his face, but if your boyfriend is a stubborn lad, he will not go to the professional.

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Those 5 lifestyle changes will prevent and curb Erectile Dysfunction

» Experts say that great number of diseases has become younger. What does it mean? It means that a lot of health disorders are experienced by people of much younger age than it was typical before. For example, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are treated in patients who are less than 30 years old. The same situation is taking place with sexual disorders and erectile disorders, in particular, which are suffered by men even under 40 whereas in contrast twenty years ago average age of patients with ED reached 55 – 60 years.

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Erectile Dysfunction as a Common Diabetes Symptom

» Erectile dysfunction is a widely spread medical problem especially among patients suffering from diabetes of both types. We will figure out the interconnection of diabetes and ED symptoms as well as the methods of ED treatment under the condition of diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

ED is a typical complication of diabetes which deteriorates the patient’s life significantly as it initiates and maintains the depressive state.

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Penile Prosthesis from an MD’s standpoint

As early as twenty years ago, male impotence used to ruin many marriages and put an end to even the most dedicated relationships. Men were ashamed to talk about it even with their doctors, destroying personal self-esteem and hopes for a better future. However, with the development of medicine, there’s no longer a need to silently suffer from this somewhat embarrassing yet curable condition, as specialists suggest many ways of treatment, each suitable for a particular category of patients.

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Impotence, Low Testosterone and Viagra – What is the Correlation Between Them?

A man with erectile dysfunction is unable to reach erection and to maintain it for a period of time necessary for a sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction, or so called impotence, has plenty of causes, hormonal disorders are among them. Even minor hormone fluctuations can affect a man’s state of health and mood, and cause disorders.

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones produced in the man’s body,

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Hitting the Gym May Help Avoid Diet-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Men may suffer from the erectile dysfunction at any age. The decrease of the sexual function may be the consequence of stresses, excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, overweight and lack of physical activity. Overweight caused by overeating has become a real danger for the modern society. It ruins all the systems of the human body with the strongest harm brought to cardio-vascular and reproductive organs. Men with overweight problems usually obtain additional problem of the erectile dysfunction.

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