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Why Antidepressants are so popular

» In the modern world the term “antidepressants” is known nearly for everyone. The invention of antidepressants has made a real breakthrough in the treatment of depressive states as they showed extremely good results and helped decrease the quantity of suicides in patients suffering from depressions of various etiology.

This century has already been called the century of mental disorders where depression and depressive state have become the most widely experienced ones.

Depression can be characterized as the general emotional exhaustion. As a rule, low emotional state is connected with the impossibility to solve the problem which is very important to a person. When the personality is pressed by the external circumstances and the person cannot achieve his goals and ambitions his body may answer with the situation-centered depression.

Somatic depression is another type of depressive states which is widely spread in the modern world. Psychic disorder turns into the diseases of the internal organs and systems (e.g. cardio-vascular disorders, ulcer disease, hormone disorders etc.). One can also mention depressions caused by the hormone balance fluctuations (climacteric period, period after the delivery), continuous stresses as well as chronic or incurable disease, injury and disability.

Thus, depression is impatience plus weakness on the back of low level of feel-good chemicals (endorphins etc.) in brain that results in dissatisfaction with oneself and other people. At the same time person suffering from depression does not have any resources to change the situation for the better. The possible variants of therapy involve support of close people and friends, psychotherapy conducted by the professional psychologist or psychiatrist and / or drug therapy. In any case drug therapy can be added to any of the above-mentioned types of therapy and even prescribed as a sole treatment method. How antidepressants work depends upon their types and medical action.

Types of Antidepressants

  • Antidepressants are designed for improving the patient’s mood and general psychic feeling. They trigger emotional uplift without causing the feeling of euphoria.
  • The medications can be divided into several groups depending upon their influence on inhibitory processes: calming, stimulating or balanced effect.
  • Moreover, antidepressants are classified according to their therapeutic specialization.

Experts define several large groups of drugs, each of them having its own therapeutic indications and preferences:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants. It is the first generation of antidepressants which are designed for preventing the reuptake of noradrenalin and serotonin. It leads to their accumulation in nerves that speeds up the transmission of the nerve impulse. The given group of drugs is characterized by numerous side effects that is why it is applied quite rare nowadays.
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. SSRIs are preferable for the treatment of neurotic depressions which are accompanied with fears, aggression and panic attacks. These drugs are known to have rare side effects (if the dosage is defined correctly and there is no overdosing) and rather high efficiency. Among the most common side effects of SSRIs one can mention nervous excitation. However in case of overdosing and incorrect choice of the medication these drugs may cause serious health disorders, both physical and mental.
  • Selective serotonin and noradrenalin reuptake inhibitors. Their therapeutic action is similar to that of the SSRIs. The given drugs are used in patients suffering from depressions with phobias and fixed states.
  • Heterocyclic antidepressants. This group of drugs is mainly used in elderly patients and people experiencing depressions together with sleep disorders.
  • Monoaminooxidase inhibitors. As a rule, they are applied for the treatment of depressive states complicated with panic attacks, agoraphobia as well as for the psychocomatic states (when depression causes health disorders). IMAO are divided into reversible and mechanism-based inhibitors.
  • Serotonin reuptake activators. The given group refers to the new generation drugs able to cope with the depression within one week. They are very effective in depressive states with heartbeat and headaches. Besides, they can be applied for the treatment of depressions of alcohol addiction etiology and depressions accompanied with psychosis on the back of the blood circulation disorder. However, these effective drugs can build up a tolerance similar to opiates.

The Most Effective Antidepressants at My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy provides various choices for those customers who need some medication therapy aimed at treating depressive states. The wide range of antidepressants presented at the My Canadian Pharmacy website contains different groups of drugs so customers can choose whatever they are prescribed. We can provide any pharmaceutical consultation at our customer support service; however we insist that any antidepressant should be taken only after the doctor’s recommendation.

According to the sales of My Canadian Pharmacy Online the most popular antidepressant medications refer to the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and selective serotonin and noradrenalin reuptake inhibitors (SSNRIs) because of their high effectiveness, and rare side effects, if taken in recommended therapeutic dosages of course. Below short descriptions of the most widely-used drugs are provided.

Zoloft with its major ingredient Sertraline (SSRI group) is considered to be the gold standard of the depression treatment. Being one of the most effective drugs Zoloft is used for treating depressive states combined with overeating, anxiety, and obsessive disorders. It can also be prescribed for children under 12 years old.

Cymbalta is famous for its wide range of therapeutic indications. It is used in patients with depressive disorders, diabetes neuropathy, chronic pain syndrome, generalized anxiety disorders and so on. The active ingredient of Cymbalta is Duloxetine which refers to the group of SSNRIs.

Paxil (Paroxetine) is very effective in treating low spirits, anxiety, and inhibited depression. It also reduces risks of suicide and treats personality disorders.

Prozac (Fluoxetine) is considered one of the most widely used antidepressants at the present moment. It is the best method for the therapy of panic attacks, aggressive and depressive states, fears and so on. Fluoxetine is characterized by mild action and high efficacy. It can be prescribed even for the children of 8 years old and more. The major requirement is the strict adherence to the prescribed dosages and no self-treatment.

Antidepressants: Contraindications

Of course, antidepressants cannot be prescribed for everyone due to their chemical composition and effect they may trigger in patients with some health disorders.

First of all, antidepressants are not used in people who have individual drug intolerance or suffer from psychomotor agitation, seizures, confused mental state as well as liver and kidney disorders in decompensating stage, stable arterial hypotension, blood circulation problems, pregnancy, and thyrotoxicosis.

Some antidepressants (TCA, for example) are not administered if the patient suffered from myocardial infarction, decompensated cardiac anomaly, high blood pressure, blood disorders, stomach and duodenal ulcers, angle-closure glaucoma, prostatic hypertrophy, various gastrointestinal disorders, epilepsy, lactating period and children under 12.

» IMAO and SSRIs are not recommended for lactating women and children under 12 as well as for patients suffering from psychotic depression or acute alcoholism and intoxication of psychotropic drugs.

Side effects of Antidepressants

The most common side effects of antidepressants are considered to be insomnia, excitation, maniacal syndrome development, hallucinations in some cases.

Antidepressant with sedative action may cause psychomotor retardation such as somnolence and apathy as well as deterioration of attention concentration. Stimulating antidepressants may lead to the acute anxiety condition and in some cases – to psychosis.

According to the investigations conducted many antidepressants may increase the risk of suicide during the first months of the drug therapy especially in children and adolescents. Moreover, medications aimed at treating depressive states may cause and sharpen insomnia or agitation and impulsivity that also may result in suicide thoughts.

Patients taking antidepressants especially serotoninergic ones may demonstrate increased violence (assaults, murders etc.). Antidepressants may also induce mania or hypomania both in patients with bipolar affective disorder and without it.

If different groups of antidepressants are taken (especially if it is a combination of IMAO and SSRI) the potentially lethal side effect called serotonin syndrome may take place. Sometimes it can be experienced even during the SSRI monotherapy. This reaction is often reversible after the medication is withdrawn. However the patient needs special individual treatment and symptomatic therapy.

Different antidepressants may also cause sexual dysfunctions (most cases are reported during the SSRI and SSNRI therapy).

Elderly patients while taking antidepressants should take care of the possible risk of hyponatremia. In case of any symptoms like seizures, excessive sedation etc. one should control the level of sodium in blood.

» One should mention the risk of the withdrawal syndrome that may occur after the therapy is completed or the dosage is reduced. The withdrawal syndrome may involve such symptoms as dizziness, insomnia, excessive nervousness, agitation, nausea or vomiting, headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea, muscle pains, difficulties with speaking, strong anxiety and so on depending upon the type of antidepressant the patient was taking. That is why it is highly important to withdraw the drug therapy step-by-step within the period of at least four weeks and without sharp changes in dosage.

Which One to Choose

It is evident that to treat the depression successfully buying any antidepressant and taking it is not enough. Depressive states differ much in their etiology so similar dosages of the same medication may have completely different effect on different patients in their cases. One patient can completely recover and another one may have suicidal thoughts.

So it is vitally important to consult the health care professional, define the medication and dosage that is suitable for the given case and after that to follow the doctor’s recommendations. Moreover, constant health monitoring is required during the drug therapy in order to prevent undesired consequences for the patient’s body.

» From its side My Canadian Pharmacy does its best to provide the comprehensive information about every antidepressant offered in the catalogue. Pharmaceutical experts can provide support and answers to any questions related to the drug therapy. Thus, our clients can be fully prepared for the doctor’s consultation. So, buying at Canadian Pharmacy Online www.mycanadianpharmacypro.comis very supportive and yet feasible thanks to interesting discounts and bonuses our clients are provided with.

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