Top 13 Life Hacks that Will Make You healthier

There are various health tips & tricks that can dramatically change the way you live and make you into a healthier strong person. If you want to revolutionize your lifestyle and seek for interesting life hacks that can help you with just that, check out our list of great hacks that can be used by anyone anywhere on this planet!

1. The Best Morning Drink is Lemon Water

Lemons are easy to come by and pack a whole bunch of great macro and micronutrients making it a great product to kickstart your morning.

Drink is Lemon Water

Preparing a batch of lemon water is quite easy:

  1. Wash and cut fresh lemons into medium size pieces.
  2. Add some mint or basil to the fruit.
  3. Pour in cold water and leave it in a fridge overnight.

This is a great vitamin and energy infused drink that you can just pour into a bottle and take with you anywhere you go. It is a great alternative to tap water as well. If you want to start the day with the right kind of breakfast, adding lemon water to your ration is one of the best choices you can possibly make!

If you want to get a little bit more kick out of your morning energy drink, just add a touch of cayenne pepper or mustard seeds.

2. Get into Meal Prep

There’s a whole movement of meal prepping going on. If you are still not on board, we recommend you start preparing your food in advance and learn how to store preemptively cooked meals in your fridge. This will allow you to eat healthier.

Do you have that one healthy recipe that you wanted to try out but though that it would be too much for a single person? What about purchasing plastic containers and splitting the whole batch of healthy food into reasonable portions?

This is a great way to eat efficiently and healthy while also avoiding overeating and unnecessary expenditures related to eating in fancy restaurants and diners. Meal rep is also a great social activity that can be performed together with your family.

3. Save Herbs and other Aromatics in Ice Cubes

This is a great life hack for people who want to live frugally and just hate throwing away good food. Herbs are quite expensive. When they start drying out and wilt, you can separate them into small pinches, squeeze a bit, put them into ice cube tray and pour in olive or vegetable oil. Freeze the tray and have portioned herbal oil for cooking.

While lots of people say that sautéing and frying is not the best way of cooking food, good olive or vegetable oil is a great source of healthy omega-3. You don’t really need to avoid perfectly healthy source of micronutrients.

You can preserve herbs, dried spices, and other aromatics in oil cubes. This will make cooking more fun and help you save expensive herbs and spices for longer!

4. Protect Blisters with Duct Tape

This is a very simple yet not so popular trick that can be used anywhere if you have duct tape. Blisters are very annoying and can be easily popped. However, it is never a good idea to pop them since liquid protects fresh layers of skin underneath and encourage healing. This is why protecting blisters from further irritation is a good idea.

4. Protect Blisters with Duct TapeIf you don’t have a special band aid or bondages, you can simply put duct tape to cover the blister. Note that you can also prevent blisters from forming if you apply duct take on areas of the skin that may be rubbing against some surfaces during workouts or labor.

Duct tape is generally a very useful thing to have at any given moment of time. You can repair nearly anything and even your own body.

5. Adopt that Fancy 20/20/20 Seconds Rule

People who often work with computers (most of us) can significantly deteriorate vision. In order to protect your eyes from degrading, you can always add some exercises to your daily routine. Every now and then, you need to give your eyes a brief pause to relax.

We recommend you do this exercise every 20-30 minutes of working at a computer. Just take 20 seconds to look at something unfocused, 20 seconds to focus on something, and 20 seconds to keep your eyes tightly closed.

This is a very simple yet effective exercise that can dramatically improve your eye health. Monitors do wear down your eye sight, but you can reduce the damage by implementing simple exercises like this 20/20/20 rule or just allow your eyes to relax every so often.

6. Eat Ginger to Ease Pain and Work Out Better

Untreated fresh ginger is one of the best sources of micronutrients that can significantly reduce inflammation and reduce pain. There were several big studies over the course of years showing that eating just a couple of grams of ginger during and after the workout can improve recovery. Muscle soreness is reduced by 25% in people who eat just 2g of ginger daily.

A great life hack is to chop some gingerroot and put it in a small plastic sealable bag that you can carry with you to the gym. Start your morning with a smoothie with some ginger added or just chow on a root for a couple of minutes every day.

Ginger is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and other important micronutrients that can benefit your body in many ways.

7. Use Aromatherapy to Your Advantage

You don’t have to be a guru of eastern medicine or spend hours to remember all possible combinations of flavors that can positively affect your body and brain. There are simple everyday foods and aromas that can be found easily and will help you to boost your health.

Here are some little neat tricks that will help you feel better:

  • Smell orange. Orange, lemon, and mandarin peel has that amazing flavor that boosts your stress resistance.
  • Chocolate odor also has a very calming effect. Don’t eat the whole piece, just smell it.
  • Strawberry is not that easy to come by but will also help your brain to be less susceptible to stresses.

Various aromas can help your body in many different ways. Our brain loves a variety of nutrients coming in from different sources. This is why it loves to be irritated with various aromas and different tastes.

8. Try Sleeping in a Cold Room

Several different studies showed that sleeping in a cold room can dramatically improve your metabolism and allow your body to burn more fat. If your body does not feel warmth, it will generate additional heat. This heat generation consumes energy and burns fat deposits all over the body.

Do not sleep in a room with negative temperature, but maybe don’t turn on heating during spring nights or somewhat chilly summer nights. Teach your body to work harder even when you sleep, but do not overburden it with unbearable living conditions.

Another great trick is to get rid of your favorite blankets and just sleep with as little clothes on as possible. This will reduce the insulation created artificially and force your body to generate slightly more heat at nights.

9. Eat Some Kiwi to Sleep Better

Eat Some Kiwi

Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things ever. When you cannot sleep normally, everything starts annoying you. This means that you must sleep like a sane adult person, but sometimes it just feels impossible. Did you ever caught yourself sitting in front of a laptop when it is way beyond midnight? Did you struggle to fall asleep in the bed?

There is a very simple solution – a kiwi. Not a bird. Kiwi is a great fruit packed with healthy acids, a bunch of micronutrients, and several compounds that help your brain to calm down and relax. Just eat a single kiwi while watching your favorite TV show before going to sleep and you will not struggle that much with falling asleep.

10. Try to Sleep More When Travelling

If you are planning to go on a vacation, you can easily make up for all the time you did not get enough sleep. Make sure that during your trip you can get a nap every time you are on some kind of a transport. Purchase a comfy travel pillow and sleep whenever you can.

It is important to plan your trips ahead and have a proper schedule to know exactly when you will have some time to sleep. It will give you more time to spend on various activities and compensate for the time you were feeling sleepy.

11. Start Meditating to Calm Down

Stresses can cause all sorts of diseases and health issues. In order to counter stresses, you can start meditating. You don’t need to learn the intricacies of spiritualism and try to become one with the force. In fact, most productive meditation is just an exercise.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, control your breathing, and make sure that nothing can interrupt your medication session. Squeeze in your schedule 20-30 minutes of meditating each day and you will notice that your life is much more enjoyable.

12. Distance Over Speed

When you want to finally obtain that habit of running every day, you need to identify your goals. Set a specific distance that you want to cover and do not even think about the speed. You need to give your body to adapt to this distance and then start improving how fast you can finish the run.

Distance is more important due to the fact that the amount of work (not the intensity) determine how much weight you are losing or how your body spends energy in general. Increasing intensity is more effective later on when your body is fine with the amount of work it performs during each run.

13. Regularly Try Out Something New

Keeping your life fresh and exciting is quite interesting. You can always shake things up by picking up a new hobby or starting a new project that can challenge your intellect and physique. There are all sorts of activities that you can implement in your life to make it interesting and truly exciting.

Try to get into a new hobby every once in a while to keep your life spicier. You don’t need to go for something extreme. Cross-stitching can be just as exciting for your brain as sky diving. We all have our favorite hobbies and activities. Don’t dump them. Just add something new every so often.

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