How Smoking Cessation Improves Sildenafil Effects

Roughly 15.2% of people on Earth are active smokers according to ASH. With over 1.1 billion smokers, we can safely assume that the nicotine is actively or passively affect a large portion of the global population. At the same time, smoking is one of the most concerning preventable death causes. Over 600 thousand specialists all over the world are actively studying this bad habit and searching for effective cessation methods that could help in reducing the amount of active tobacco users.

While smoking affects the organism in a variety of ways due to both nicotine and tar intake, men all over the world are often concerned about one particular problem caused by excessive cigarette usage – erectile dysfunction. Indeed, impotence is one of the most frequently issues caused by smoking.

How Smoking Makes Your Erection Weaker

How Smoking Makes Your Erection WeakerMany physiological erectile dysfunction causes are related to blood pressure and blood vessel system condition. Nicotine and tar both affect the cardiovascular system and drastically promote arterial tension making the blood pressure higher and preventing blood from freely flowing in the organism. The combined effect often leads to impotence.

Severe problems are observed in the long term, but many men that report weakening erection are often active smokers who picked up the habit very early in their lives. Occasional problems with erection start happening very early and affect men in their 20s.

How Smoking Affects Your Cardiovascular System

The longer you smoke the more smoking affects the organism in a plethora of ways. One of the biggest concerns for smokers are heart diseases. Both nicotine and tar negatively affect the cardiovascular system.

  • Low oxygen. Lungs are the third most affected part of the organism after mouth and throat. With less oxygen available, the organism responds by increasing the blood pressure attempting to keep the oxygen supply on an appropriate level. There are various reasons why the body lacks oxygen. One of them is that tobacco smoke contains substantial amounts of CO which drastically reduces the blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen.
  • Changing the shape of the heart. This is a recently discovered negative effect of tobacco usage. Published in the European Journal of Heart Failure, the article covers excessive studies showing that the heart of an active smoker changes its shape. Smoking significantly negates cell division process in the heart and prevents it from developing normally.
  • Affecting the blood flow. Due to the fact that smoking promotes the production of platelet and fibrinogen, the blood becomes more viscous. Active smokers experience problems with blood clotting. A more viscous blood will obviously flow slower negatively affecting the erectile function.

Smoking causes all sorts of heart diseases and negatively affects your blood vessel system. Note that the latter is the crucial part of the erectile function. There are both short term and long term problems related to smoking and erectile dysfunction.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Sildenafil

Sildenafil (often referred to as Viagra) is a PDE5 inhibitor that affects your blood pressure and makes your arteries relax allowing for an easier blood flow. This helps in filling cavernous erectile tissues of the penis and promotes strong erection. While there are other possible reasons why sildenafil positively affects men’s sexual health (including psychological aid and boosting self-esteem due to simple placebo effect), relaxed blood vessel system and consequential filling of cavernous tissues are the most important effects of sildenafil.

There are many health conditions that may counteract the effect of sildenafil. Notably, low blood pressure and heart problems are both conditions that may make sildenafil usage very dangerous due to the fact that the drug lowers the blood pressure. Simultaneously, external factors that increase the blood pressure and affect arteries obviously counteract the effect of the drug.

The Short Term Interaction Between Sildenafil and Smoking

First and foremost, smoking increases the blood pressure immediately. This means that a smoker should at least not smoke before or during the effect of sildenafil. A cigarette before the intake of the drug makes its effect obsolete. Many active smokers report that Viagra helps them in roughly 1 time out of 4 attempts.

Nicotine also negatively affects libido and may reduce your reaction to sexual stimulation. Note that Generic Viagra works only when sexual stimulation is applied. It is impossible to achieve strong erection without insufficient simulation. This means that nicotine may slow down or completely prevent erection due to lower libido.

Sildenafil is a drug that helps to treat physiologically induced erectile dysfunction. Psychological causes that may include smoking are not treatable with Viagra. This may be the reason why active smokers are often disappointed with sildenafil claiming that the drug is not a universal answer to erectile dysfunction. This is certainly true. Frequently, sildenafil usage proves to be completely inefficient due to various factors and smoking is definitely one of them.

Smoking affects the men’s ability to perform well in bed on both psychological and physiological levels making it hard for any drugs to be fully effective. Note that sildenafil or any other PDE5 inhibitor is not as effective when attempting to treat impotence. A complete lack of erection is often caused by severe health problems and may not be responsive to any pharmacological treatment.

The Long Term Interaction Between Sildenafil and Smoking

Sildenafil is not as effective as Cialis when it comes to recreational and regular treatment of erectile dysfunction and often used as a “when needed” drug. This means that Sildenafil is more effective when your organism is “ready to work” with it. Just like any other drug, Viagra has a range of health issues it does not go along with. The number one problem on the list – heart diseases.

PDE5 inhibitors affect your cardiovascular system and should never be used by people who have serious problems related to heart. As mentioned previously, smoking drastically affects the heart and makes it susceptible to various diseases. If you are an active smoker, we strongly recommend you to consult with your doctor before using Viagra.

While you may not notice negative effects of Viagra due to not knowing that you have severe heart problems, such effects can be destructive.

Smoking Cessation and Sildenafil

It is generally advised to quit smoking due to a variety of reasons. We will focus on problems related to men’s health and sexual disorders that may be caused by smoking.

  • First and foremost, smoking cessation helps in preventing problems with erection. Viagra can be used to make erection stronger and sildenafil will be way more effective when used by a non-smoker compared to an active smoker.
  • If you quit smoking, you will less likely experience heart issues. This means that you will be able to use sildenafil freely without any harm to your organism. Note that it is strictly not recommended to use Viagra while having a heart disease of any kind.
  • Nearly all heavy smokers express their dissatisfaction with Viagra reporting that the drug works for them in 25-30% of attempts. As mentioned previously, the blood pressure immediately increases after smoking which negates the effect of the drug.

It is known that Generic Viagra is less effective when used by active smokers and quitting this bad habit is the best way to ensure that the drug will work for you. The organism needs quite some time to recover and you should not expect great improvements right after you quit smoking. Within three months after quitting, your blood pressure will start improving as well as the condition of the blood. This will make erection easier to achieve.

Smoking cessation health benefits are notable within a couple of days. It is generally recommended to not smoke before using sildenafil and smoke your last cigarette at least 12 hours before the intake. This is due to the fact that blood circulation, pressure, and the amount of CO normalize within 12 hours after you stop smoking.


Smoking is one of the worst possible habits to have. It negatively affects your organism in a variety of ways and can cause impotence in the long run. The habit also creates problems with erection in the short term and counteracts the benefits of sildenafil. Quitting this habit is strongly recommended to all sildenafil users.

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