Penis Enlargement: Myths and Truths

The small penis problem is one of those evergreen issues that just cannot leave men alone and allow them to enjoy their lives. Men are created this way. They believe that they must be dominant, stronger, and bigger than their competitors. While this is true in general and the fittest does survive, there are more important things than penis enlargement. Some of you did not want to start your day from this news. However, penis enlargement is in general a big myth that was created by scammers to make money of honest hard working guys all over the planet. There is no magical pill that can make your penis bigger overnight. Techniques that can reliably and safely increase the size of the penis simply do not exist. Nonetheless, the amount of city legends and myths about penis enlargement is enormous and we decided to talk about all of them with simple examples and interesting facts.

Penis Enlargement

The Overview of Penis Enlargement Techniques

Due to the overwhelming variety of presented to you options, choosing something that works is not that easy.

There are several most common methods that are used across the planet to increase the size of the penis:

  • Surgical procedures include various implants and cutting ligaments that basically hold your penis and attach it to the pelvic.
  • Devices like stretchers and pumps that can be safe and dangerous depending on the method of usage. The variety of instruments and tools is just mind-boggling. Most of the do not work.
  • Injections. This is one of the most dangerous things ever. Men inject synthol and natural oils to make their penises look bigger. This may lead to permanent damage and severe deformations.
  • Medications. Pills and creams that are supposed to make your penis grow to enormous sizes. They do not work. Mostly.

There are several quite popular ways to become bigger. However, not many of them can provide you a result worth any effort. In fact, only two techniques proved to be working 100%. Other methods may seem like they work or deliver questionable results. Pardon our greed for your attention, but we will remove the curtain of secrecy only in the end of the article. First of all, we need to discuss all other popular methods and try to understand why some of them work and why some of them are complete hoaxes that should be avoided at all costs.

Pills and Other Remedies

There are several types of drugs that are promoted as penis enlargement pills. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are quite dangerous and present a real threat to your organism if you use them incorrectly. While a pill made of cellulose is not something to be afraid of, some tablets contain heavy toxic metals and other undesired components.

Here is an incomplete list of medications that are sold as penis enlargement pills:

  • Total hoaxes. Most of magic pills that are sold via aggressive advertisements are fake and contain nothing (best case). The worst case scenario is that you will get something with undisclosed ingredients and some of them will be poisonous. You may have an allergy for a specific ingredient that manufacturers decided to put in and never told you. Taking any pill with a vague description is a bad idea.
  • Minor ED medications. Some men naturally have a somewhat weak erection or reach their true potential in terms of erection rarely. This means that a drug that can slightly boost your potency can make it seem like your penis became bigger. Such drugs are either nitrites or even masked PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis. Even all-natural remedies like fames yohimbe bark extract can be quite effective at improving the quality of erection and making it seem like your best pal is growing bigger.
  • Hormonal drugs. These are most dangerous mediations that should never be used without a preemptive consultation with a specialist. Hormones are prescribed in very specific scenarios. While many people believe that testosterone helps to grow a bigger penis, the reality is that the size of the organ is determined by your genetics and will not grow naturally beyond a certain limit. Additional hormones can make your muscles a bit bigger, make you in general angrier and emotionally unstable, and turn your facial hair into a glorious beard, but they will unlikely make your penis bigger.
  • Creams and lotions. You should never believe anyone who says that covering your organ with some kind of a night cream makes it grow bigger. This is a complete myth and should not be taken seriously. On the other hand, making sure that your skin in that special place is soft and moisturized is quite important.
  • Pills and herbal remedies do not work. Period. Some of them can actually be effective (if we are talking about ED pills), but the vast majority of heavily advertised pills are food supplements or “empty” capsules. Do not spend a dime on something that is being thrown in your face every moment you are browsing the grey area of the internet.

Extenders and Other Devices

At some point in the past, the amount of references related to pumps was enormous. Everyone wanted to point out that men used those pumps to make their penises seem bigger. In some sense, this is a very effective method. Pump creates vacuum. The negative pressure forces the blood inside cavernous tissues of the penis ensuring high quality erection and slightly more blood than it is necessarily.

Overusing this technique not only dangerous but also very discomforting. However, using this method from time to time and to a reasonable degree can yield some positive results. Pumps are relatively cheap, allow you to visually increase the size of the penis, and considered by many a safe choice. If you are thinking about a mechanical device that can actually make your penis look bigger, pump is not a bad idea. This is a much better option than extenders.

Extenders are special devices that do just that – extend the penis. A flaccid organ is forcefully stretched out. In theory, this should extend tissues and make the penis longer. However, the total volume of cavernous tissues does not change. At the same time, the process is quite painful and generally ineffective. Some claim that they noticed results after wearing extenders for a couple of months or even more. 1-2 cm of length is not worth the effort. Note that this technique may not even work for you.

There are other forms of devices, but all of them have a very big disadvantage – most of them somehow deform your penis meaning that they can be dangerous. Permanent damage is one of the worst possible scenarios. Deformations, torn tissues, and ED problems – all of that can become your real problems if you are relying on devices instead of Mother Nature.

Surgical Procedures

In short. Yes, most of them actually work. However, the factual increase will be less than a couple of inches. Risks are huge and prices are very high. Top surgeons ask top dollar for their work with some procedures costing about $20 thousand.

Surgical Procedures

Cheaper options are usually even more risky and can result in erectile dysfunction, permanent damage, severe deformations, and many other problems not counting potential complications with anesthesia. Surgeries should be your last resort and we will never be able to cover all possible operations and their dangers in a single article.

There are two main types of penis enlargement surgeries:

  1. Implants and injections. Natural body fat, silicon, and PMMA injections were quite popular just a couple of years ago and created a big hype train that derailed very quickly. This is not a safe option and it can certainly cause more bad than good. Implants are also a questionable solution that will deform your penis forever.
  2. Suspensory ligament division. This is an operation offered to most wealthy clients. It is a relatively simple procedure. A special ligament that attaches your penis to the pubic bone can be surgically separated allowing the organ to hang freely and making it look a little bit longer. The efficiency of this procedure is quite questionable since it does not give you “effective” length and only makes penis appear slightly longer.

The main takeaway: do not lay down on the surgeon’s table until you don’t see any other way to cope with the problem of a small penis.

Exercises and Other Physical Techniques

There are all sorts of special techniques that promise users to make penis bigger. Some of the do work but require a lot of effort and dedication. Most popular and tested exercises can give you a centimeter or even two, but you will need to work hard.

The overall result rarely justifies the effort. Some of frequently suggested methods are:

  1. Frequent masturbation. It is generally believed that regular masturbation with slight penis extension can increase the length. 99% of men would have longer penises by now if this method worked.
  2. Special extension methods. Some exercises that involve manual stretching of the penis were also quite popular. Some claim that they work, but require a couple of months of regular exercising.
  3. Breathing and yoga. Nope. Not related. Don’t work.

The vast majority of so-called techniques and exercise are just advertisements and tricks created to lure you in. Exercises have one little problem – penis is not a muscle. This organ is just a bunch of cavernous tissues connected to bones with muscles. You cannot really change the nature of this organ or make it bigger by carrying around a weight tied to the tip of it.

2 Magic Methods that Work

There are two truly majestic, relatively simple, and 100% safe methods to make your penis look and feel bigger.

  1. The first one is to shave pubic hair. Hair actually cover 1-2 cm of your penis making it look smaller than it is. Shaving off those bushes is the best way to make it look much bigger and more impressive.
  2. The second method is a little bit trickier. The vast majority of men who believe that they have small penises are overweight. A layer of fat under the belly can easily hide your pal and make it seem tiny while in reality you have at least an inch (maybe even more depending on the amount of excess weight).

Losing weight is a very hard task that requires a lot of investments, both emotional and physical. However, this is actually the easiest and most reliable way to make your penis look bigger. It will give you a whole usable inch or two! Both these methods are very effective. They work. They won’t cost you a dime. If you also use minor ED remedies like Yohimbe or special PDE5 inhibitors, you can achieve great results. First of all, try using these methods and only then think about something more radical. If you find some confidence, losing 10-15 pounds will be more than enough to feel yourself a sex machine!

The Real Deal

The last, but definitely not the least, is that you must identify your problem and face it bravely. There are only 0.5% of men with genuine micropenis problem. The overwhelming majority of men who believe that they have a small penis usually fall under the category “I’m insecure about myself”. Don’t be. You are a strong man with lots of positive qualities. Don’t let your penis decide who you are.

Most men do not have problems with penis size, but they do have problems with erection that stem from insecurities and stresses. This is a big problem. You should focus on learning how to be a better lover and a better partner. The size of penis, most definitely, matters, but not to the degree that it should define how you live and what you do to your body. Your mind is the real deal. If you honestly just acknowledge that you are most likely just average in terms of penis size, you will be able to identify real insecurities that make you tunnelvision on a specific problem that most likely has nothing to do with the size of your genitals.

The Bottom Line

An anonymous survey proved that women do care about penis size and rate this parameter quite high. However, this does not mean that this the only characteristic that make it to the TOP10 of women’s preferences. Do not focus on this problem. Do not spend money on overly advertised pills. Use only tested certified and approved medications.

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