The History Of One Order. My First Purchase At My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy publishes this piece from our email correspondence with the consent of the author as a means of expressing our gratitude for the customer for sharing his experience of shopping with us and using his medications in an unbiased and unabridged review. The name of the author has been understandably altered, while the original style of writing and every other detail was retained. Opinions expressed in the present writing are not official viewpoints of MCP. Reader’s discretion is advised.

A few introductory words about myself

I am 56 years old and I have had this problem for more than a decade, with highs and lows and trying everything. Lately I had come to the point where nothing worked anymore, and I was in such a depression state that it seemed to be ruining my work life as well as my family life.

A few introductory words about myself

After several pills of Cialis Professional bought from MCP I can say that I have a satisfying sexual activity again, I have reconciled myself with my partner and I also started to perform at my work enthusiastically. Finally, I would like to say what my business partner said a few days ago that he did not know anything about my problem: “You know Joseph, I have to say with pleasure that you seem to be coming out swinging these days. But what did you do?”

Now I am not the man to share my health details with anyone save for my doctor so I just thanked the colleague for his reassuring words. It was then that I had this idea to place my gratitude where it really belonged – MCP team. So I thought of writing an extended thank-you note for them and send it via email, and this ended up by them contacting me with reciprocated feelings of gratitude and asking me to make this letter of appreciation into a customer review.

Sometimes life is odd; with my ex-wife I’ve never had any problems, after the age of 40 I started to have little problems that, with the passing of time, have increased. Initially I believed in a psychological aspect, due to separation or stress. By doing the proper checks and examinations my doctor prescribed PDE5 inhibitors of choice to me. As you can well guess, Cialis Professional is not the first pill I’ve tried. I started with brand Viagra pills back in 2002. That cost me a fortune over several years of sporadic taking, on and off, depending on whether or not I was in a relationship.

Then several years of a dry spell followed, and frankly I couldn’t care less for my soldier not being able to salute. As of this year, I am happy to announce myself spoken for, hence the need in consistent medicating for my condition. At that point, I started researching my options and taking chances with online pharmacies and generics. I wish I had found My Canadian Pharmacy sooner, but I’m glad I did it at all.

Drugs ordered online from My Canadian Pharmacy: Cialis Professional, Generic Viagra, Ventolin

The ordering process all went smooth as it could be. I collected the pills in the basket and proceeded to checkout. By the time I became My Canadian Pharmacy customer, I have had several experiences with generic Viagra and Cialis. I always liked Viagra better, but Cialis Professional ordered from Canadian Pharmacy changed that for me. More on this later.

As a trial purchase, I ordered a pack of Cialis Professional containing 30 pills at 40 mg dosage, which wiped $160.65 off my credit card. I added Ventolin for my asthma for $46.71 (2 standard size inhalers at 100 mg each) and came out at order total of $207.36, all rigged for a free regular airmail delivery and insurance $15.00 and $4.95-worth, saving me $19.95 altogether. When I redeemed MCP coupon code I found in my inbox after registration, it chopped off extra 10% and landed me with a total of $186.62 at the checkout – an overall saving of $40-something! As bonus pills, I chose 4 pills of Viagra 100 mg, further increasing my savings with My Canadian Pharmacy.

The second good thing about this order was a timely delivery happening on the 12th day after receiving my order confirmation. But the drug quality is what put me on loyal customer list in the first place. Now I’m ready to proceed to sharing this experience with you.

My Cialis Professional review

Cialis ProfessionalI have already mentioned that Viagra has always kept me happier than Cialis, I used to find it acted with more precision so to say, and gave me fewer and milder side effects. This time around, the shoe was on the other foot though.

THE PROS. I took a pill of Cialis Professional 40 mg after a meal consisting of roast turkey and a traditional Jigg’s dinner, washed down with a glass of rosé. Man, where do I even begin. Let me start by saying I have never had spontaneous erections since I was in my early thirties. An hour after Cialis Professional administration – and those were back, full-bore. When the time had come for me to test what the pill was good for, it totally slayed it. The erection was hard and stable, followed by a full-blown encore in an hour or so. The next morning, I woke up with a morning wood and was able to pick up right where I left off the night before. This does not even come near to my experience with generic or brand Cialis bought some place else. The side effects were much worse back then, too. More info on Cialis professional from MCP specialists:

THE CONS. Tadalafil is what it is though, and its side effects are not the most much fun, milder albeit than the ones I experienced in the past with generic pills I sourced from a little hole in the digital wall. This time around, I was nauseated most of the time between pills no 1 and 4. I also would get muscle pain I could not quite explain by any strenuous physical activity (the pain occurred in my leg muscles, back muscles and sometimes abdomen – I could not see how those were connected to my increased sexual activity, if it can be considered a strenuous physical activity at all, even given my age). And, I had a major case of dyspepsia. I even had to see my GP about the latter.

As was pointed out by my prescriber, my symptoms were caused by the so-called metabolic acidosis triggered by tadalafil. Metabolic acidosis is an accumulation of acids in the body, not adequately compensated by many basic substances. The result of this acid-base imbalance is a marked or slight decrease in the pH value that, in the long run, can create important health problems.

Metabolic acidosis may occur due to increased production or ingestion of acidic substances, their reduced excretion or a loss of bicarbonate from the gastrointestinal tract or the kidney. The causes that can lead to this metabolic discomfort are varied. Some are related to illnesses that interfere with biochemical or metabolic balance; others depend on lifestyle (eg when feeding unbalancedly with a diet rich in animal food and poor in plants). Possible causes of acidosis include: accumulation of ketones and lactic acid, kidney failure, uncontrolled diabetes, vomiting or diarrhea, diuretics, chronic alcoholism, malnutrition, ingestion of particular drugs or toxins. In addition, there may also be kidney disease, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease and respiratory distress.

The symptoms of metabolic acidosis depend mainly on the cause that caused it. Mild cases can be asymptomatic, while severe acidosis can cause nausea and vomiting associated with headache, tiredness, drowsiness and malaise. The most characteristic sign is hyperpnea (deep and long breathing at a normal frequency). Metabolic acidosis can also cause muscle cramps, joint pain, appetite, and water retention.

Severe acute acid predisposes to heart failure with hypotension and ventricular arrhythmias. In untreated forms you can even get to the coma. Chronic acidosis, on the other hand, causes bone demineralization disorders (eg osteoporosis). Usually recommended therapy involves resolving the underlying cause and, if the pH is very low, it may be suggested to infiltrate alkaline solutions in order to restore the acid-base balance.

CONCLUSION. As you can see, the side effects of Cialis Professional are quite significant, but nonetheless, proportionate to its benefits. What I have to conclude about it is that I am all willing to subject myself to them again for the kind of efficacy I’ve experienced with this pill. I’m saving it for some very special occasions.

My Generic Viagra review

My Generic Viagra reviewGeneric Viagra (product page) I took in a fasted state, as recommended, one hour before I was due at my date’s place. Nothing special happened, apart from my being able to respond with a hard and dependable erection in reaction to stimulation. I was in the mood for a round two, but my second erection felt limpish and I had to hold my horses.

PROS. Taking generic Viagra felt safe, effective, reliable. I rated my overall satisfaction with the experience at 4 out of 5 – based on the disappointment I felt when I could not get it up for the second time in an hour and a half. But I guess this is the ceiling I hit with this sildenafil dose, and in my case, anything stronger would have major side effects coming with the territory. The obvious benefit of generic Viagra in this regard is then that it gave me a very mild headache and just a hint of facial flushing.

CONS. I am not even sure this was a downside, but I could not have a second erection with it. Not that I am used to having one, save for that one time with Cialis Professional which I will not be taking before my Vernon getaway for Thanksgiving weekend.

CONCLUSION. Generic Viagra from My Canadian Pharmacy gave me least side effects that were very short-lived. This is my go-to drug now, I’ve already ordered and received a value size pack for everyday use.

My Ventolin review

Ventolin contains active substance salbumatol, and I’ve been using this drug for the better part of the past twenty years. Salbutamol (some drugstores call it albuterol) is a bronchodilator drug used to treat asthma. It belongs to the class of selective agonists of beta 2-adrenergic receptors with short duration of action. Salbutamol is available in pharmaceutical formulations suitable for inhalation, oral and parentheral administration. Bronchodilators such as salbutamol should not be used as the only therapy in patients with severe or unstable asthma.

In patients with the following pathologies, salbutamol should be used only in cases of actual need, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, diabetes, prostate hypertrophy.

Frankly, I noticed no difference whatsoever between the drug ordered from My Canadian Pharmacy and Ventolin I buy regularly off the local drugstore. I only tossed it in the basket to qualify for a free insurance, since I figured I could just as well get my refill whilst pharmamcy-shopping.

PROS. A great price.

CONS. None detected.

CONCLUSION. Will be ordering it with my ED pills from, as well as a bunch of other drugs. Thanks for the good job and the attention!

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