Levitra Use in Patients Taking Angina Drugs

» When Sildenafil made its glorious entrance to the pharmaceutical market, the fate of PDE5 inhibitors was sealed. The great trio of sildenafil, tadlafil, and vardenafil is a pinnacle of success that a group of medication can have. As the main and direct competitor of Viagra, Levitra quickly attracted attention from customers who wanted to treat their erectile dysfunction. One of the key selling points was that Levitra is an answer to a much broader spectrum of health issues.

Levitra can be used to treat a variety of problems not necessarily related to erection. Amongst the most common types of health issues are angina (chest pain) and premature ejaculation. As other PDE5 inhibitors, vardenafil is an effective vasodilator that can be potentially used as a drug against arterial hypertension. However, Levitra should not be used to treat conditions other than sexual dysfunctions in men. Only in several clinical tests and experiments, the drug was used to treat other diseases.

For your information, both Levitra and Viagra were initially developed as anti-angina drugs and erection was only a side effect that turned out to be the most important discovery for Pfizer in the end of 1980s. Despite being positioned in the market as an ED treatment drug, Levitra can be used to treat angina.

What is Vardenafil?

Vardenafil is just another PDE5 inhibitor that works similarly to sildenafil (Viagra). It has the same principle of action causing cGMP production and more NO to relax muscle tissues that control our arteries. This effectively allows our body to fill penile cavernous tissues with blood resulting in a strong maintainable erection. As the effect of vardenafil wears off, the ability to control erection also disappears.

Vardenafil is an extremely efficient medication used as a when-needed drug. Due to its inability to accumulate in the body and a relatively short half-life time, vardenafil is not used as a recreational tool in treating sexual dysfunction. However, the range of applications for vardenafil is slightly wider compared to Viagra that is used only as an ED treatment solution.

For example, Cialis is used to treat simultaneously erection problems and benign prostate hyperplasia to a certain degree. Vardenafil (Levitra) is a drug that can help with premature ejaculation making men more capable lovers while allowing them to maintain erection easily. At the same time, vardenafil is a good answer to reoccurring angina that does not have a persistent chronic nature.

Just like any other PDE5 inhibitor, vardenafil should be used with caution.

How to Use Vardenafil?

Levitra is a very popular drug. Over 8 million of men all over the world depend on this medication to counteract their erection issues. Many Levitra users noticed that Levitra reliefs chest pains when used and helps with angina. This is due to its effect of a vasodilator. As many nitrates and nitrites, Vardenafil causes the body to produce more NO and supply it to arteries effectively lowering the blood pressure.

However, vardenafil cannot be used as a recreational tool against angina that may have a chronic nature. When chest pains consistently bother you, using a specific treatment course is beneficial. Using Levitra together with various anti-angina medications can be dangerous. Mostly due to the fact that angina treatment drugs work essentially like active vasodilators and force arteries to relax. This mechanism is also triggered by Levitra.

When used carefully and with attention to details, Levitra can be a great addition to your angina treatment course. It won’t interfere with BPH treatment as well. You just need to know how to adjust your dosages in order to avoid possible complications and side effects. Carefully making your way to the perfect balance of dosages for all drugs is the best way of incorporating Vardenafil in your life.

Levitra pills should be used accordingly to the prescription issued by your doctor. Levitra is slightly stronger that sildenafil. 10mg of vardenafil corresponds to a 50mg concentration of sildenafil. This means that the best starting dosage is 10mg per day. The dosage can be increased or decreased depending on your condition/reaction to the drug.

Note that using Levitra together with nitrites, nitrates, alcohol, and some other drugs is not recommended. If you want to seamlessly implement Levitra in your life and use it as an effective aid to your angina treatment course that also helps in counteracting sexual dysfunctions, you must be very careful when determining the best possible dosage. Dosing can be affected by drugs that either conflict with Levitra or act as vasodilators themselves.

Risk-Free Dosing

As mentioned above, the best starting dosage of the drug is 10mg. if this amount of drug is not working for your switching to much stronger 25mg and 50mg pills can be a good solution. Note that you should not take more than a pill of Levitra per day, so make changes to dosing accordingly. Once at a time. There are 100mg pills of Levitra available in the market. Such high concentrations of the drug should be used only as the last resort. Remember that 100mg of vardenafil roughly corresponds to nearly 500mg of sildenafil which is a very high dosage of a PDE5 inhibitor to be taken at once.

Many experienced Viagra users start from 25-50mg pills when switching to Levitra. However, if you have angina and use drugs like nitrates to treat it, you should immediately stop taking Levitra. You may try gradually implementing the drug, but either reduce the dosage of nitrates or lower the dosage of Levitra to 2.5-5mg. Consult with your doctor to find out the best possible combination of drugs that will not cause any major issues with health. If you feel well after incorporating Levitra, slightly increasing the dosage to regular 10mg can be beneficial.

Some men treat BPH with alpha-blockers which are also vasodilators and lower the blood pressure. If you want to use it together with Levitra, also decrease the dosage of vardenafil to 2.5mg per day. Use it very carefully and seek for medical attention if your feel dizziness or weakness.

Long-Term Effects

Many patients that combined small dosages of Levitra with nitrates reported that they felt better in the long run. The drug is capable of both fixing sexual performance issues including premature ejaculation while simultaneously helping to reduce angina symptoms. As a complex solution combining angina treatment medications with Levitra is a possibility that you should definitely discuss with your doctor.

Remember that you need to be careful with dosing. Also, Levitra is a not drug designed specifically to treat angina and should not be used as such. Use it to treat erectile dysfunction while helping your main anti-angina therapy to reduce troubling symptoms, not the other way around.

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