Hitting the Gym May Help Avoid Diet-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Men may suffer from the erectile dysfunction at any age. The decrease of the sexual function may be the consequence of stresses, excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, overweight and lack of physical activity. Overweight caused by overeating has become a real danger for the modern society. It ruins all the systems of the human body with the strongest harm brought to cardio-vascular and reproductive organs. Men with overweight problems usually obtain additional problem of the erectile dysfunction. To improve their erectile function they should change their lifestyle including good rest and sleep, healthy eating and sport activity.

Some people consider physical activity to be boring. However physical exercises can be interesting and fascinating; they can bring joy and happiness, help get rid of overweight and stresses and influence favourably on the man’s sexual vigour.

More sports, more sex


As far as sport activity is concerned men have a vast number of choices: gym, swimming pool, football, basketball, yoga, martial arts and others. Sport activity helps strengthen the muscles, improve the state of internal systems, especially cardio-vascular system that carries the highest load during the sex. Besides, the most important thing about sports is that it improves the sexual function in men. Sport activity is responsible for the release of testosterone, the male hormone. Modern lifestyle is characterized by low physical activity. Experts say that the absence of physical loads together with fast food full of transfats and other harmful ingredients result in the decrease of testosterone and increase of estrogen in the male body. Such hormone imbalance has a negative influence on the men’s sexual function. That is why if the man wants to make his sexual life longer he should spend more than 5 hours per week in the gym instead of lying in front of the TV in the evenings and during the weekend.

Dynamic sports

Dynamic sports like running, tennis and different martial arts help make the man’s body stronger and more trained. Team games help reduce the psychological tension and get the energy boost and drive for success. At this moment our body produces serotonin, reduces cortisone and increases testosterone content. Testosterone not only supports sexual function on men, but also strengthens body defenses and helps recover from various heath disorders and speed up the repair of wounds, in particular.

Sessions in gym strengthen the muscles, remove fat and increase the testosterone level. Cardiovascular exercises have positive impact on cardiac muscle improving it and preventing various heart diseases. Strength trainings that are aimed at building up the physique also help increase the level of testosterone. You can develop your own exercise complex or apply to a personal coach for a good complex of exercises to achieve better results.

Exercises in the open air oxygenize the blood and strengthens the blood vessels. Healthy blood vessels facilitate good blood flow into the penis and stable erection, as a result.

Gym at home

Here we don’t mean different fitness or weight-lifting equipment located at home. What we mean is a complex of pelvic floor exercises that can be fulfilled everywhere, especially at home. Someone name them Kegel exercises for men, someone considers pelvic floor and Kegel exercises to be two different complexes. Nevertheless, they have a lot in common and both are aimed at restoring or supporting the erectile function. While doing the given exercises the man can strengthen his pelvic floor muscles and improve the blood circulation in the pelvic floor and genitalia.

The exercises support and improve erection and make sexual feelings much brighter. Pelvic floor muscles are located between the tailbone and the share bone. One can feel them by relaxing abdomen and hip muscles with toughening the muscles in urethra and rectal muscles. The muscle ring around urethra is easily felt while stopping and starting the uroflow.

Other practices to improve the potency

Erectile dysfunction can be cured with yoga exercises. The yoga system requires the maintenance of the exercise consequence. The next exercise should be done after the previous one is successfully fulfilled. To get rid of the ED one should have at least three yoga classes per week interchanging them with some other exercise complexes.

As the feet contain a lot of nervous endings walking bare foot and feet massage are very useful for the treatment of erectile problems. Contrast shower can also be applied for the ED therapy as it increases the blood circulation and a rush of blood to the man’s genitalia.

To support the erectile function it is necessary to maintain the healthy and active lifestyle and discover the occurring health disorders and inflammatory processes in time. Erectile dysfunction should be treated under the control of the health care professional who can prescribe the proper pharmaceutical treatment together with the proper exercise complex. Following his recommendations the man will be able to eliminate the erectile problem as well as restore and keep his sexual health.

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