Herbal Therapy of Premature Ejaculation: Algorithm, Therapies, Remedies

Premature ejaculation or fast emission of seminal fluid is one of the varieties of erectile dysfunction that affects about forty per cent of men all around the world. Some of them have constant disorder, whereas others have experienced this unpleasant moment for male ambition. Home remedies for premature ejaculation are more preferable than medicamentous therapy, since for most men, these are episodic cases; and people try to avoid constant usage of medicines that take an adverse impact on their organism.

In this guide on Premature Ejaculation mycanadianpharmacypro.com/premature-ejaculation, you will find detailed information about Sinusitis and which antibiotics are effective for various pathogens of the disease. Experts of My Canadian Pharmacy will tell you how to treat the condition with drugs and natural medications, as well as recommend you the best methods of treatment. Before starting self-treatment, consult your doctor.


Algorithm of Alternative Treatment

In order to choose effective remedy for premature ejaculation, it is important to find out the cause of dysfunction.

There are the following causes of this disorder:

  • Anatomic abnormalities of penile formation;
  • Enhanced nervous anxiety or hypersensitivity of balanus;
  • Psycho-emotional causes (inferiority complex, lack of self-confidence, fear of sexual intercourse, strong desire);
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Pathologies of internal organs and conduction systems;
  • Inflammation of prostatic gland and other organs of urinary tract;
  • Irregular sexual life.

First of all, it is essential to normalize psycho-emotional state. Sometimes it is possible to make use of people’s remedies for fast treatment of premature ejaculation. But some of them have doubtful effectiveness. For instance, such remedy for PE that is recommended by many sources, such as alcoholic tincture of motherwort, lovage and angelica.

Nevertheless, all these herbs have sedative characteristics that are comparable in efficiency to valerian root extract. They may be applied only in case of enhanced neural irritability, since in case of any other causes of premature ejaculation these remedies may lead to decrease of libido. Therefore, before treating premature ejaculation, it is required to undergo examination and ascertain the source of sexual dysfunction. Treatment of PE with home remedies must be conducted in accordance with particular algorithm. It should comply with the main cause of the pathology; therefore, the following recommendations will be aimed at therapy of these primary causes.

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Soothing Herbal Infusions

The following remedies for premature ejaculation take soothing and relaxing impact on male organism:

  • Speedwell (herb);
  • Lavender (flowers);
  • Balm (leaves);
  • Berberis (fruit);
  • Sweet violet (herb).

Taken in equal measures, these infusion components must be grinded. 1 table spoon of the powder is to be poured with 1 glass of boiling water and infused 20 minutes. The infusion is to be drunk in the dose of 1 glass in the evening before going to bed during a couple of months.

If a man follows the advice and reviews of traditional practitioners and takes this remedy regularly, he will be able to treat premature ejaculation that is affected by psycho-somatic causes:

  • Hop (cones);
  • Peppermint (leaves);
  • Mug-wet (herb);
  • Elf-wort (root);
  • Field melilot (herb);
  • Field horsetail (herb).

Taken in equal measures, these infusion components must be grinded. 1 table spoon of the powder is to be poured with 1,5 glasses of boiling water. Then the infusion needs to be steamed out on water bath for 10-15 minutes. The infusion is to be drunk in the dose of 1 glass in the evening before going to bed during a couple of months in case premature ejaculation occurs more than in 50% of all sexual intercourses. A man is recommended to make a week’s interval and then take the preceding remedy within a week or two.

These recipes of home therapy of premature ejaculation relieve nervous tension, regulate emotional irritability, cure insomnia without taking negative impact on potency and libido. It is possible to reduce the excessive sexual desire leading to premature ejaculation by preparing therapeutic people’s remedy of one of the following herbs: anise, datura, marjoram, cow lily, water-nymph, patrinia, anomalous peony, and orchis. According to experienced herbalists, these plants may be used either separately or combined in infusions.

Sensitivity Reduction of Penis

In case the cause of enhanced sensitivity of balanus is any anatomic abnormality or inflammatory disease (phimosis, balanoposthitis), medical attendance is required for further operation. It is possible to decrease sensitivity that may become a cause of premature ejaculation by means of prolonging remedies (creams, sprays, ointments). Most of these remedies are made of herbal extracts or natural biopolimers. Also, it is recommended to apply such natural analgesics as cinnamon, ginger, immortelle, cow-parsnip, hog’s fennel, trailing bindweed, common hoarhound for therapy and prophylaxis of premature ejaculation.

According to the recipes of Bulgarian herbalists, these plants are used for compresses that decrease sensitivity of male sexual organs if taken regularly. The recipe of prominent healers runs as follows: grind a handful of poppy seeds until they turn into white “milk”, then dilute this paste with 1 table spoon of warn cow milk, filter this mixture and apply it layer after layer on penile balanus. Then put on contraceptive that considerably slows down the rate of tension relaxation and prevents from fast emission of seminal fluid.

Erectile-Dysfunction-pharmacy-in-canadaTherapy of Reproductive System Inflammations

In case a cause of fast ejaculation is inflammation of prostatic gland or seminal vesicles, people’s remedies are aimed at treatment of main pathology. Herbal solutions take antibacterial, general strengthening, anti-inflammatory, and calmative impacts.

The recipe of the first home remedy for premature ejaculation is as follows:

  • Skinleaf (leaves);
  • Goatweed (herb);
  • Juniper (fruit);
  • Plantain (leaves);
  • Bearberry (leaves);
  • Celandine (herb).

Inflammations of prostatic gland are mainly treated by herbal infusions. All afore-mentioned ingredients taken in equal amounts should be grinded. 1 table spoon of the powder is to be poured with 1/4 L of boiling water. Then the infusion needs to be steamed out on water bath for 10-15 minutes. Infuse this mixture and administer 0,5 glasses three times a day during 1,5-2 months. Then it is required to make a two-week break and repeat the course again. Besides, this remedy is beneficial for semen composition in regards to fertility.

Normalization of Hormonal Profile

In case the cause of premature ejaculation is hormonal imbalance, the following herbal extract is the most suitable to treat PE. Take 1 table spoon of grinded quadrifid radiola roots, pour it with a glass of boiling water and steam out on water bath for 10 minutes. Then cover the mixture and infuse for 1-1,5hours. Take 1 table spoon three times a day. This remedy normalizes the function of blood vessel gland, treats inflammatory diseases of reproductive system, improves the composition of semen and removes the causes of premature ejaculation.

Herbal recipes always include quadrifid radiola roots for therapy and prophylaxis of sexual dysfunctions in men and women. Quadrifid radiola roots infusion with honey not only boosts fertility of semen and normalizes emission of seminal fluid, but also rejuvenates organism. Treatment of premature ejaculation with various herbs and their infusions is a long-term process. Recommended recipes are to be taken regularly with strict observation of herbalists’ recommendations, dosage and instructions.

One of the causes of premature ejaculation may be lack of testosterone. Its synthesis may be increased with the help of herbs as well. A man should apply infusions prepared of tormentil, pennycress, warty birch, Baikal skullcap, waterwort, common balm. These plants are able to accumulate zinc that is important for semen production and normalization of ejaculation. While using herbal recipes, one should be prepared for a long-term therapy course.

Usage of Aroma Oils

Indian Ayurveda recommends application of aroma oils that take soothing and relaxing impact and regulate the process of premature ejaculation. Hindus believe that semen is elixir of life, and it is essential to control the process of its emission. Thus, inhaling of bergamot, pine wood, lemon, green tea, patchouli and common balm is very useful. These herbal extracts may be used in essential oil burner, be added in bath, or applied during massage of bioactive points. While soothing nervous system, oils help to control semen emission and delay the occurrence of orgasm. Besides, aromatherapy also improves semen composition while making impact on sexual glands via prime nervous system.