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It is obvious that everybody wants to live long, healthy and happily. At that we do not only strive to reach a great age but preserve sharp mind, good health condition and working capacity. That is why we have prepared smart tips for you aimed to make your live fabulously healthy. 

Train your brain

Forcing our brain to work, we inhibit the processIn order to keep your mind clear and prevent Alzheimer disease, do not neglect to play intellectual games, learn texts by heart (poems, lyrics, prose, prayers), study a foreign language, and count in head instead of calculator. Forcing our brain to work, we inhibit the process of its age degradation and improve the activity of cardiovascular system and cerebral cortex blood supply.

Have enough sleep

It is proven that a healthy life presupposes at least 8 hours of everyday sleep. If you sleep less than 4 hours, you are on the verge of deep depression, heart attack and even blood stroke. The most beneficial environmental temperature for sleep is 17-18°C when a person falls in a maximum deep sleep, which really recreates and makes our mind and body rest fully.

Go optimistic

Optimists have normal blood pressure, they take stress and unpleasant momentsOptimists have normal blood pressure, they take stress and unpleasant moments in stride that means they care after their nervous and cardiovascular systems. Avoid loneliness and be on good terms with your relatives. Lonely people are more prone to depression and negative thoughts as they do not feel psychological support and approval.

Get rid of excessive weight and never overeat

People with obesity are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer. According to WHO, extra weight and fattiness are the main death risk factors in the world. Consequently, keeping a healthy diet and healthy weight maintaining are the basic premise for a happy and long life. Moderation in eating boosts our cells be active and regenerate regularly while an excess of calories increases body burden, provoking extra weight and lipotrophy. Eat 5 times a day with small portions – this will normalize your sugar blood and relieve your digestive apparatus.

Make love

Many researchers prove that people who have sex once a month or even more rarely, have all chances to die young, while those, who have sexual intercourses 2-3 times a week are surely to live long and happily. Regular and quality sex makes people look much younger and healthier as it reduces stress, improves sleep and gives a strong feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence. Endorphins (known as joy hormones), produced during sexual performance, fortify immune system.

Lift a leg in the morning keeping balance

It seems at least strange but there is a connection between lifting one leg in the morning and longevity. Nevertheless, doing this exercise we cultivate self-esteem from the moral point of view, and from the physical – we strengthen the main body muscles, including a back, stomach, hips and bones. This yoga position (asana) is known as “tree”.

Cook with spices and herbs

cook with piquant spices and fresh herbsit should be a custom to cook with piquant spices and fresh herbs instead of using a great deal of butter, salt and sugar. In this way you will reduce your fat and natrium consumption. For example, sweet basil and saffron contain anti-carcinogenic substances and nutmeg decreases hypertension syndrome.

Take meals according to your age

Dieting experts recommend people at the age of 30 to eat more liver and nuts (sources of iron and Vitamin B). 40-year-old people should consume more cheese (it contains enough calcium to protect and supply hard tissues of an organism). People over 50 are advised to limit the amount of meat eaten having changed it for seafood and low-fat dairy products. At any age include complex carbohydrate into your diet (cereals, bread made of coarse flour, fibrous fruit and vegetables) to facilitate your intestinal motility.

Get a pet, better a dog

People who have tame animals are less subjected to stress, hypertension and heart attack. If you walk out your dog every day, you prolong your life for 7 years minimum.

Sing in your bathroom

We are not kidding you. Singing in a bathroom reduces stress, cures depression and improves your mood, helping you be healthier and happier.

More fan, more laugh

Why laugh is beneficial for your health, you may ask? Laugh relaxes your muscles, reduces anxiety and fears, promotes endorphins production, improves blood circulation and makes a person look prettier.

Choose red

Red products – tomatoes, sweet pepper, red fish, berries and fruit are rich in carotinoid, which reduces risks of cancer and protects the blood system.

Eat fat

Eat fatty acids. Linoleic, stearic, myristic acids are essential for our body as they have active substances against premature aging, treat inflammatory processes and normalize cholesterin.

Be active

Physical activity enhances human growth hormone – somatotropin – production, which is responsible for cells regeneration, muscle tone and adipose layer reducing.

Keep on motivation

Constantly motivate your body and mind. If a person is constantly not busy with a favourite business, but wastes his life within four walls, he looks much older! social scientists state that the majority of long-livers are the people of creative occupations.

Take up meditation

Nowadays meditation is considered to be the most powerful tool to control your stress and negative emotions, helping a man calm down and steam off. 15-minute relaxation is equal one hour od deep sleeping.

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