How Do I Fix Our Erectile Dysfunction: A Girlfriend’s Guide

OK, ladies, why hide the truth: when his member cannot get hard enough at “this very moment”, it is not his problem, but YOURS. Name it, your shared challenge. And you, as a loving and caring partner, MUST do everything to help him (say, both of you) overcome this “hanging” unpleasantness. Surely, you can push him to a doctor, throwing a medical insurance at his face, but if your boyfriend is a stubborn lad, he will not go to the professional. Never. Our guide will teach you how to help your sex-partner resume his strong, failure-proof sexual function.

Make him revise his lifestyle

Firstly, you should reconsider your routine in the terms of leading a health-detrimental behavior. To start with, you should encourage him to lose some weight (if he has an excess), get more active, reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and get a better sleep. Gently remind your man that there are always ways to fix erectile dysfunction, which do not require any prescriptions: often, a well-balanced diet, sufficient physical activity, and some life changes are quite enough to become an insatiable stud again while reducing cardiovascular risk and risk of diabetes as well.

In this article, you will find detailed information about Erectile Dysfunction. Experts of My Canadian Pharmacy will tell you how to treat the condition with drugs and natural medications, as well as recommend you the best methods of treatment. Before starting self-treatment, consult your doctor.

Make him revise his lifestyle

It is well-known that impotence, premature ejaculation, and low sexual vigor are the first symptoms of heart disease. But ED sufferers can easily overcome their ailment without pharmaceutical help with heart-healthy changes. Additionally, shifting to a healthier side ensures an overall healthier, happier life full of sexual pleasure for years to come. And always remember: impaired sexual potency has nothing to do with advancing age, but with unhealthy existence.

If your boyfriend asks daft questions like what is the connection between erectile disorder and heart problems, explain to him that an erection is a complex hydraulic (involving the action of fluids) process dependent on the vasodilatation of blood vessels that feed the male organ with blood. And these vessels are pretty similar to those that carry blood to the cardiac muscle. If blood vessels cannot dilate properly, it will lead to a weak erection or its complete absence.

Change your sex

Girls, never make a point of his erectile dysfunction – men are very sensitive and easily offended creatures, taking everything too close to heart. Chances are that often men do not have a biological (disease-induced) impotence, but a psychological one. If your man does not seem to have serious health issues, he is, maybe, “too tired, pissed off, nervous, stressed out”. Instead of blaming him for your dissatisfaction, try a non-penetrative sex. Oh, males do adore it, really! Actually, they all do not like to strain themselves but lie flat and receive pleasure. During non-penetrative sex, your partner will not focus on his erectile problems. Kiss him, lick him, suck him, do foreplay and teasing to make him come without penetration. Then encourage him to bring you to orgasm using the same techniques. If you find out that you both enjoy such experience, you can practice it all the way long till he discovers that his fear of failure/low desire is over.

Communicating with your partner wouldn’t go amiss. Ask him what he likes during a love-making process. Many men do not talk openly about what really makes them horned. If he is not aroused by what you do, then he might experience signs of ED. Tell him what turns you on and ask him to do the same. Talking about intimacy is a good way to manage psychological impotence and get more connected with your lover when you both anticipate sex.

A change in bedroom patterns can also do wonders for both partners. Transferring the focus from performance to pleasure makes sex be less connected with his erection. Even if he cannot get erect, it absolutely does not mean that he cannot derive pleasure out of it. Men can have an orgasm without an erection! While an erection involves the widening of blood vessels, a climax and ejaculation require muscle spasms. These two events do not have to occur simultaneously. Add erotica, try out body massage, and make use of sex toys during your sexual activity to open new channels of mutual satisfaction.

Say YES to sex-shop goods

Another way to reanimate “a fallen soldier” is to give it a pump. Literally. For example, with a vacuum penile pump device, a cock ring or a penis ring (if he is able to achieve an erection but fails to maintain it long enough). A penile pumper consists of a cylinder made of elastic material and a pump that is attached to the penis shaft. And a constriction ring/band is adjusted on the cylinder at the end applied to the body. These details are used to produce a vacuum to help the organ get erected. And the cock ring is used to help prolong the erection by trapping the blood inside the penis. Such rings are one of those instant ways to fix limp erections.

Shifting to different sexual positions can also repair his erection. Such as, if he prefers the missionary position (when a man is on the top), a woman can try to close her legs creating a tighter entry, thus stimulating his erection. You can also find a side-by-side position helpful (when you face each other), when your upper leg gets over his hip, preventing the member from slipping out.

Natural solutions to the rescue

To shake things up in your bedroom, go to a local health-food store – there are surely some natural treatments for erectile frustration.

Natural solutions to the rescue

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  • Beet boasts one of the highest natural nitrate content among nutrients and can positively affect the nitric oxide concentration in the bloodstream, leading to better erections;
  • Blueberries contain erection-boosting ingredients (quercetin, resveratrol, proanthocyanidin, vitamin C) and help combat high blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and poor contractile mechanism of vascular smooth muscles;
  • Citrus fruits containing vitamin C can provide significant reduction in blood pressure and an increase in artery-relaxing nitric oxide;
  • Dark chocolate rich in flavonoids can lower high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol level – the main factors contributing to erectile dysfunction;
  • Deep red fruits full of Lycopene are very good for microcirculation;
  • L-arginine (amino acid) found in turkey breast, pork loin, chicken, pumpkin seeds, dairy products and more can increase the release of nitric oxide, responsible for the erection onset;
  • Leafy green vegetables are able to boost circulation owing to their high concentration of nitrates;
  • Oysters and other shellfish contain high levels of zinc that is involved in testosterone production. Such nutrients can stimulate the release of sexual hormones in both men and women;
  • Pistachio nuts (100 g a day) aids erectile dysfunction without unpleasant side effects;
  • Pomegranate juice taken for a month or so can significantly improve the erection quality;
  • Prelox (a daily male supplement containing L-arginine aspartate, taurine, and pycnogenol) to maintain good blood circulation;
  • Red Ginseng helps relax penile blood vessel muscles, allowing for a better blood supply to the genital region;
  • Watermelon contains phytonutrients – ingredients which can relax blood vessels feeding the penis and also boost sexual desire.

Now you know the receipt of an ED-fighting salad, and we go further.

Old good Viagra or something of its kind

If he does not want to give you sex, he is a selfish pig and does not deserve your love. If he cares about your satisfaction and happiness (yes, sex makes us happy!), he will consider every way to restore his sexual function, including applying to ED pharmaceutical treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or their generic equivalents.

Many men fear to take Viagra and other PDE inhibitors because they believe the drug can develop a psychological addiction, tolerance, and life-threatening side effects. In fact, relying on Sildenafil (Viagra) to support an erection is not considered an addiction. A man may fall dependent on Viagra or another ED drug to achieve an erection due to its effectiveness in increasing blood supply to the penis. But Viagra is not addictive in the sense that a man with a normal erection is unable to penetrate.

Explain to him that Viagra does not treat impotence but temporarily blocks the symptoms of another underlying health condition that led to a poor erection. And today, he must take this little blue pill to give you (and himself, surely) pleasure, and tomorrow, he must go to a doctor and find out what disease is progressing in him. In the majority of cases, it is cardiovascular problems, which are easily managed with a healthier lifestyle. If your sweetheart still claims that he is not going to fall a psychological victim of Viagra, he does need psychiatric intervention, too, because such ideas commonly occur in those men whose impotence has a mental origin, not physical. Mental impotence, by the way, means that a mental status of a man affects his ability to keep an erection, but he does not have any biological hindrance accompanying it.

Stick him with a needle

Not in the truest sense of the word, certainly. Take your ED boyfriend to an acupuncture practitioner, since acupuncture is good for emotional and psychological impotence. And it is very relaxing. To treat ED, a master will place tiny needles in certain parts of the body: along the abdominal region, hands, and legs. Such procedure will stimulate nerves responsible for the hormone production, promote the blood circulation, normalize blood glucose, increase the pain threshold, and give other health perks. But the main benefit of acupuncture is that it helps with stress, depression, and anxiety – the main contributors to a bad sexual performance. Just a couple of sessions and you both can enjoy a better quality of erection and restored sexual activity. Worth noticing: unlike popular ED drugs, acupuncture does not have absolute contradictions, meaning it is the second safest method to fix erectile dysfunction after turning to a healthy lifestyle.

Go sporting

It is trite but true – regular physical exercises can resolve erectile problems as well as improve the overall state of health. When combined with a healthy being, sufficient (at least 30 minutes per day) physical activity contributes to improving the bloodstream, thus, restoring the ability to obtain erections. No matter what kind of sport he will choose as long as it keeps him active and helps him maintain an adequate weight.

Go sporting

You as a soul-mate should encourage your man to turn to the active side of life and become his main motivator and example to follow. However, there is one sport that is not very beneficial for sexual function. It is cycling that might negatively affect the pelvic nerves, which control an erection. Oh yes, a male organism is so vulnerable and sensitive, any little stuff can damage it! But you already know how to protect him.

Exercise the organ

Your man can find it reasonable to start pelvic floor exercises. Such practice has long been considered a useful way for women to restore their abdomen after childbirth, but it also is good for males. There is growing evidence that pelvic floor exercises can help men to recharge a sexual function, combat premature ejaculation, and even prolong and brighten an orgasm. Another positive moment about these exercises is that they can be done at any time, say while watching TV, driving a car or taking shower.

These exercises include training the urethra and anus muscles by tightening and drawing them in, lifting such muscles up inside, and holding in this position for 5-10 seconds, then releasing. It is necessary to make 8-10 repetitions with a short pause in between. Such a squeeze-and-release exercise should be practiced 4-5 times every day for best results. What is more, pelvic floor exercises are a reliable preventative measure, too.

Porn is a bad example

As was already mentioned, flaccid erection can be linked to some psychological disorders such as performance anxiety. Performance anxiety, in its turn, may be induced by many factors including the love of porn. Do you know that most men watching porn compare themselves to these machos they see in videos? If he is a porn fan, do not be surprised when he fails to get hard: he just has fears that his average-sized penis is not long enough, that you are into huge organs, that he cannot perform longer than 13 minutes, and dozens of other self-doubts. Try to persuade him that porn is a commercial industry whose aim is to capitalize on psychological problems of unconfident men. Porn must not be used for performance comparison; it is a mere fantasy having nothing to do with the real lovemaking.

Feed him with hormones

More specifically, with Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that is available as a dietary supplement. It is a natural hormone formed by the adrenal glands and then converted to sexual hormones (testosterone and estrogen). The matter is most men struggling with the erectile dysfunction tend to have a lower level of DHEA. An ED man taking 50 mg of such hormone once a day can restore his ability to perform well without additional pharmaceuticals. On the top of that, DHEA seems to be effective against diabetes, whose complications often interfere with a blood travel to the pelvic organs. Hope, your man will not mind checking his hormone levels because DHEA supplement only works when there is a deficit of this hormone in the body.

Pick out his cell phone

No, you should not do it to read his Whatsup texts but to protect him against its harmful radiance. Unfortunately, there is a direct link between a smartphone and sexual disability. Men who carry a switched-on gadget in a front pocket in mere centimeters away from a precious dong for more than 5 hours daily are more likely to develop erectile problems. Statistics show that males with ED use their smartphones longer compared to males without this disease, while ED-sufferers carry their switched-on devices much longer than those without ED. Bad news does not stop here: cell phones’ radiation can even negatively influence the testosterone production. Tell your boyfriend to use his handy as little per day as possible and keep it on a desk, in a car, in a bag or hell knows where else, but not in the pants.

So, staying sexually active is not a rocket science, as you see. Just teach your partner to pay attention to his health, quit bad habits, avoid negative thinking, and there will be no obstacles on your path towards happy relationships full of quality sex.

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