Circumcision Surgery Sex Benefits

Circumcision is very old and respectful tradition. In some cultures, circumcision surgery is considered a religious act and being cut is a sign of cultural identity. However, in the modern world, it has become a symbol of hygiene, neatness and enhanced sexual performance.

» Interesting fact

Interesting, but it was a phobia of masturbation that gave a start to circumcision in the Western countries. It was believed that removing a foreskin can prevent boys from a vicious habit. In the 18th century, some doctors in Britain also used it as a treatment for venereal diseases, eliminating sores together with the foreskin. We are far from commenting how effective it was, but it became a beginning of a new cycle of circumcision surgery – medical one.

Circumcision in the USA

While in Britain and other European countries, popularity of circumcision has been declining, in the U.S. removing the loose tissue became a routine in the 20th century. The most important factors, contributing to circumcision surgery in babies, are an encouragement of gynecologists (female doctors) and military discipline. Americans believe they do this for health and many insurance plans cover this operation.

Circumcision in Adult

Baby cannot choose, its Mum decides for it. But, currently, there are many adult men who undertake circumcision surgery by health reasons (as reducing urinary tract infections and cancer prevention) and cultural issues. Though religious circumcisions are mostly done in newborns, for an adult man, meeting a woman from another culture can be a reason to say goodbye to his valuable foreskin.

Woman Perspective: Why Women Prefer Circumcised Men

Well, we would not say for all of the women, but there are many of them who shared their experiences of having sex with cut and uncut men.

So, what is the difference?

  1. As sex therapists say, after circumcision you need more frictions to reach orgasm. That means you are able to maintain more prolonged sexual intercourse to pleasure your beloved. So, you have a chance to make her crazy repeatedly before you ejaculate.
  2. It is claimed more satisfaction in women who have sex with circumcised men. When we say “satisfaction”, we mean not only sexual pleasure itself, but also an aesthetic and hygienic side of the act. Your woman may prefer a neat and smooth penis, although she has probably never said this. Have you ever heard how the woman says, “Oh, it is beautiful!”? It is something, you know. That onion is worth peeling.
  3. Trust. You, probably, will be surprised, but it is a psychological thing. Canadian sexologists have proven that a woman who see a man absolutely nude, including a tip of his penis, feel more confidence and is able to relax completely and have a better quality of sex.
  4. Some sensitive women feel the difference in sensations inside, but it is not a common experience. You can keep this consideration on chance if you meet such a sensitive woman.

Men Perspective: Other Sex Benefits of Circumcision Surgery

  1. Comfort when using a condom. Some men reported that after removing the foreskin, their sex with condoms has become more satisfying. Before they had a double armor on their penises, but now it is possible to enjoy sex even with the condom.
  2. Sensitivity. Well, there are two opinions here, but we want just to present what we have found. There is much propaganda in this matter and everyone defends his point of view. Uncut men worry about losing the sensitivity, whilst American and Kenyan scientist undertook a study in Kenya, where circumcision surgery is widely promoted as prevention of HIV, and they have not found any worsening of sexual experience in men who had their foreskin cut. 2,784 participants took part in the study, including 1,391 who had the surgery and 1,393 in the control group. The result was that 64.0% of cut men reported increased sensitivity and 54.5% founded it had become easier to reach orgasm.

Some men find that sex has become more spontaneous, as the penis is now more open and easier goes exited, which makes their sexual lives richer and surprising. Other men find their sensitivity was reduced, but they have found a whole new field for development and turned their sexual experiences into the state-of-art. One man from Australia told he was able to discover such things he never knew he could do before, thanks to his wise partner. Sensitivity has many levels and, if you are not stuck to coarse sensations, you may find something under them. Do you really believe that having sex in a wineskin is better than exposing your penis head to natural feelings?

  1. No more odor issues. It does not matter how often you wash yourself, with that folds you have on your uncut penis, you never can get rid unpleasant smell completely. Bad odor is an issue both for you and your partner. You can undermine your self-confidence in case you have not possibility to wash your sexual organ, every time you use the toilet. When you are circumcised it goes easier: you do not have that “cheese” under your foreskin.

» We do not want to go into details of health aspects of circumcision surgery – you can discuss this with your doctor, but we believe that circumcision may have great impact to your sexual performance. You will feel differently and, if you are curious and adventurous enough, you may find many challenges to make your sexual life better. Just trust your body.

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