Herbal Therapy of Premature Ejaculation: Algorithm, Therapies, Remedies

Premature ejaculation or fast emission of seminal fluid is one of the varieties of erectile dysfunction that affects about forty per cent of men all around the world. Some of them have constant disorder, whereas others have experienced this unpleasant moment for male ambition. Home remedies for premature ejaculation are more preferable than medicamentous therapy, since for most men, these are episodic cases; and people try to avoid constant usage of medicines that take an adverse impact on their organism.

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Does Viagra make you last longer?

Premature ejaculation together with erectile dysfunction is the most frequently experienced disease nowadays. The reasons for that can vary from psychological stresses to somatic diseases and physiological peculiarities. Moreover, the problem of PE lies not only in physiological field. Very short coitus leaves both partners unsatisfied. In most cases it causes depressive states, problems in personal relations and break-ups.

Modern medical practice has developed effective methods of PE treatment including drug therapy,

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