Penis Enlargement: Myths and Truths

The small penis problem is one of those evergreen issues that just cannot leave men alone and allow them to enjoy their lives. Men are created this way. They believe that they must be dominant, stronger, and bigger than their competitors. While this is true in general and the fittest does survive, there are more important things than penis enlargement. Some of you did not want to start your day from this news. However, penis enlargement is in general a big myth that was created by scammers to make money of honest hard working guys all over the planet.

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Balanitis (Swollen Foreskin): Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options


Balanitis means an inflammation of the glans (or a head of the) penis. There are also similar conditions such as posthitis (inflammatory processes manifested in the prepuce) and balanoposthitis which combines the symptoms of both. The sole reason for a distinction between these three conditions is the impossibility of prepuce irritation in circumcised males. Thus balanitis is more common as it affects both male categories.

However, for the most part in clinical practice,

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My Canadian Pharmacy Experts Discuss Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Whether It Improves Viagra Results

Testosterone is a steroid hormone regulating not only the sexual function, but also metabolism, urinary health as well as many other critical functions. In most cases, testosterone concentration decreases slowly after the age of 40 and does not cause abrupt symptoms.

Yet, some men might experience a pack of symptoms representing a clinical condition called Testosterone Deficiency (TD), or hypogonadism in males, which is attributed to low levels of testosterone.

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Circumcision Surgery Sex Benefits

Circumcision is very old and respectful tradition. In some cultures, circumcision surgery is considered a religious act and being cut is a sign of cultural identity. However, in the modern world, it has become a symbol of hygiene, neatness and enhanced sexual performance.

» Interesting fact

Interesting, but it was a phobia of masturbation that gave a start to circumcision in the Western countries.

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Top 19 Common Men’s Diseases and Their Cures

Andrology is a section of urology which deals with health problems of male genitals. Male diseases include abnormal development of reproductive organs which are congenital or caused genetically.

The most common diseases in men are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inflammatory diseases of male genitals (prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, etc.), traumas of the scrotum and penis, and neoplasms (prostate adenoma and prostate cancer). Genital diseases in men lead to a decrease in sexual and reproductive functions.

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