Versatility of Levitra: Perspectives of Administration

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Erectile dysfunction is met quite often. Its incidence in population depends on men’s age. Erection disorders in men at thirty in average are exposed in almost 16 per cent of cases, whereas at forty they reach 39 per cent, at fifty – 67 per cent, and at seventy – 83 per cent. Etiology of ED is varied and multifactor, although its organic forms prevail. PDE5 inhibitors introduced in practice in 1996 made a real revolution in ED therapy.

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My Canadian Pharmacy Report: How Levitra Is Different from Other PDE5 Inhibitors

Nowadays, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are presented with several drug alternatives that allow them to overcome the issue and enjoy their sex lives. Choosing the right medication is essential as what works for one person may not deliver the needed effect for another. In this article, our team will take a look at Viagra Vs Levitra Vs Cialis and see the most prominent differences.

Which PDE5 inhibitors are available?

Dosages of popular PDE5 inhibitorsIf you have ever looked into ED drugs in more detail,

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Levitra Use in Patients Taking Angina Drugs

» When Sildenafil made its glorious entrance to the pharmaceutical market, the fate of PDE5 inhibitors was sealed. The great trio of sildenafil, tadlafil, and vardenafil is a pinnacle of success that a group of medication can have. As the main and direct competitor of Viagra, Levitra quickly attracted attention from customers who wanted to treat their erectile dysfunction. One of the key selling points was that Levitra is an answer to a much broader spectrum of health issues.

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Drug-Induced Priapism And Levitra (Vardenafil)

Priapism: What It Is

» Priapism is a prolonged (lasting four hours and more), undesired erection of the penis. It is not related to sexual arousal or sexual stimulation, and it is usually painful. Most practitioners view priapism a medical emergency because the condition can lead to sexual dysfunction, impotence or penile infection.

To understand the nature of priapism, it’s essential to grasp the mechanics of an erection that happens when the blood vessels in the penis relax and then open.

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