Sickle Cell Disease and Erectile Dysfunction in Males

How Tightly Are They Connected?

» What do you know about the sickle cell disease? The condition is called said to be pretty common in males from different world locations. According to statistics, nearly 35% of males with the diagnosis suffer from other conditions as well (more serious or minor). Erectile dysfunction and priapism are only two of them, yet they are the toughest to be cured. To know how sickle cell anemia works on erections,

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19 Essential Things About Blood Pressure

Issues with high blood pressure have become so commonplace today that almost every third patient applying to the hospital needs the corresponding treatment. However, not all people consider this problem a serious one and, what’s worse, don’t follow the prescribed medication plan. Many of them would be shocked to find out that over 6,000 people die of conditions related to cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure every day.

19 Essential Things About Blood PressureFor those unwilling to contribute to this sad statistics,

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