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How to Examine Your Breasts Yourself

What Is a Self-Examination of Your Breasts? » Breast self-examination is a screening technique that can be performed at home to check whether or not you have breast lumps A breast self-examination can help you screen for: Cysts Tumors Other breast abnormalities There was a time when a breast self-exam was thought to be a good technique for screening for breast cancer.

10 Viagra Pills + 10 Cialis Pills: Exclusive Powerpack from My Canadian Pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction (or, simply, ED) is a delicate disorder faced by many gentlemen, especially those after 50. With the help of contemporary treatment it is possible to obtain rather stable results and make sexual life much more smooth and pleasurable. My Canadian Pharmacy PRO is delighted to announce the launch of a new exclusive limited offer – Viagra + Cialis Powerpack! The key advantages of the offer are: 10 Generic Viagra and 10 Generic Cialis pills,

Dapoxetine Vs. Confido: Pharmacology Vs. Herbal Medicine

Dapoxetine is the first choice medication to deal with premature ejaculation. It successfully fights the issue and is usually well tolerated, but is there another option? We can turn to herbal remedies, such as Confido, produced by well-known Himalaya Drug Company. Confido contains a set of herbs which can help fight premature ejaculation, boost your sex drive, and create a calming effect. It may seem that herbal medications are much safer and better choice,

Top 19 Common Men’s Diseases and Their Cures

Andrology is a section of urology which deals with health problems of male genitals. Male diseases include abnormal development of reproductive organs which are congenital or caused genetically. The most common diseases in men are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inflammatory diseases of male genitals (prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, etc.), traumas of the scrotum and penis, and neoplasms (prostate adenoma and prostate cancer). Genital diseases in men lead to a decrease in sexual and reproductive functions.

Viagra (Sildenafil) Efficacy in Post-Surgery Prostate Patients

Recovering from the prostate surgery is a process that requires patience and rehabilitation measures. Studies showed that post-surgery patients should not only wait for their erectile function to restore itself gradually as the tissues heal, but also work on their progress. The problems of poor blood circulation and consequent low oxygen supply in the penile tissues will follow the surgery and, without the needed rehabilitation, may cause secondary damage to the cavernous tissue. Viagra is proved to be effective rehabilitation treatment after the surgery on the prostate gland.

Eat Your Brekkie Like a Nutritionist

» Breakfast is one of the things that can set your mood for the whole day. It is also one of the most controversial issues in dieting and healthy eating. Many people find that it is not important at all, so they just skip it and replace it with a cup of coffee – or nothing at all. Others think that it is crucial to consume a hefty meal in the morning, so they never fail to have breakfast even if they don’t want to or don’t have enough time.

Generic Viagra Dosing Frequency

In 1998, Viagra was first put on the market, and it caused the same sexual revolution as a contraceptive pill back in the day. Over 100 million men around the world suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction, and this little blue pill gives them an opportunity to enjoy sex regardless of occasional failures in bed. However, it should be taken into account that despite pushy advertising that has turned Viagra into a magical wand,

19 Essential Things About Blood Pressure

Issues with high blood pressure have become so commonplace today that almost every third patient applying to the hospital needs the corresponding treatment. However, not all people consider this problem a serious one and, what’s worse, don’t follow the prescribed medication plan. Many of them would be shocked to find out that over 6,000 people die of conditions related to cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure every day. For those unwilling to contribute to this sad statistics,

Buying Viagra Online Vs. Shopping Locally – The Ultimate Fight!

» Viagra is more than just an ED treatment drug, it is a cultural and social phenomenon. There is a reason why the drug is consistently amongst the bestselling medications globally. Today, we can purchase Viagra online instead of troubling ourselves by regular trips to faraway pharmacies. Which method is better? This is something that we have to think about carefully. What is Viagra? Why is it popular? One of the most frequent problems that men all over the world consistently experience in their 40s is erectile dysfunction.

How long does it take for Viagra to work?

Erectile dysfunction is an utterly intimate and personal problem. Searching for the perfect solution is never easy. Oftentimes, the most productive method of treatment is a combination of physiological procedures and PDE5 inhibitor based medications. Viagra and its generics are one of the most popular drugs for ED. This drug contains primarily sildenafil and a variety of inactive ingredients. The drug became popular nearly two decades ago and has been one of the most successful drugs in the market since 1998.